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ALD Vfire Vape Pen And Pod Review

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The ALD Vfire flawlessly vapes thick cannabis oil including CO2 and Distillate. The company Ikrusher.com is the creator of the Vfire vape pen. Multiple cannabis oil extraction companies have branded the Vfire vape pen with their brands such as Plug Play and Claw Concentrates. We tried this vape pen and pod cartridge system with the popular PURE vape THC oil. After the first hit, it quickly became a favorite of ours for vaping thick cannabis oil.

Vape cannabis concentrate oil without any ever suspecting anything with the discreet design. The hash oil is hidden from the design of the ALD Vfire vape battery. The THC oil pod is also protected from any damage if dropped.

Vfire Vape Pen Review

The vape battery size of the Vfire isn’t the typical shape of a pen. The battery was efficient for an entire day of heavy use vaping cannabis oil, let's say 15-20 hits throughout the day. The charging cable is not your typical mini usb cable, instead its a pin type that isn’t commonly available for sale locally. This is my main complaint about the ALD Vfire vape pen, losing the charging cable would become a huge inconvenience for the frequent user. This can also be called a dab pen because anyone who uses a dab rig can replace it with this vape pen.

  • Long Vaping Battery Life
  • Fast Charging
  • Compact vape battery size
  • 500mAh
  • Aluminum shell
Cons: Charging cable can not be easily replaced unless ordered online

Vfire Pods Review

The ALD Vfire pods can vape some large clouds which will result in intense highs. The hits are close to a dab rig which is another reason why cannabis oil extraction companies are using these pods to sell their product. These pods have helped brands push their distillate oil and receive a ton of positive feedback about the vaping efficiency. These pods are made out of plastic and magnetically snap onto the vape battery.

The ALD Vfire pods use ceramic to produce amazing flavor from cannabis oil. These ALD fire pods can be refilled a couple of times with hash oil. I recommend only using a maximum of 3 refills, once the cannabis oil begins to clog is the first sign to throw it away. These are some of the best cartridges available for thick cannabis oil that we highly recommend! Any brand that is thinking about upgrading should try an ALD Vfire pod.

  • Hits like a dab hit.
  • Won't break if dropped because its made out of plastic
  • Pure tasting flavor from vapor
  • Very easy to refill
  • Can Clog
  • Not Made out of glass, instead plastic is used



We would like to see all of the ALD Vfire vape pen batteries updated with a mini USB connection for charging. It's too impractical if the charging cable is lost to have to wait for the delivery of another one in the mail. This is the best refillable cartridge option we found available for distillate oil.

The ALD VFire pods are what makes this device so great, experience huge hits of your favorite hash oil with the purest taste.

ALD VFire Vape Pen For Hash Oil Review Score

VFire Pods Vaping Hash Oil Efficiency
Vape Battery Life
Easy To Use Refillable Cartridge
Vape Battery Charging Time

A true dab pen because it hits like a Dab Rig!

The ALD VFire pods are what makes this device so great, experience huge hits of your favorite hash oil with the purest taste.

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