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Beezle Sauce Cartridge Review

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Beezle extracts prides themselves on producing very pure and thorough closed loop butane extractions. Ingredients are; Cannabis Distillate, High Terpene Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract, n-Butane. This is a common industry practice of cannabis combinations to get the THC levels up higher than average. Still only at 375 mg of cannabinoids inside of the cartridge as opposed to the standard 500 mg on average for half grams. It’s difficult to get the potency high enough without adding in distillate or shatter sauce.

beezle sauce cartridge

They produce sauces from distillates mixed with BHO shatter, they source the finest cannabis in the local community, these co-partners are not mentioned or listed anywhere. I am doing the reviews because I have bought a few knockoffs unknowingly and had gotten very sick, and essentially the reviews came about via my terrible experience and I wanted to know what brands are producing the cleanest and most pure tested products available. False claims and illegitimate test information kills brand transparency and ultimately your fan base, which is the reason you are here essentially.

beezle sauce cartridge price

Beezle Sauce Cartridge

beezle sauce cartridge

The Beezle cartridge was a dispensary recommended choice after I was served synthetic cannabis via delivery and sick about a week. The first hit is very potent and the Mendo Breath comes through strong, up with some piney, earthy, and citrus notes. The sedation kicks in with full-body effects after about 60-90 seconds, it's a good feeling from the full spectrum, high THC, CBD, and THCA content.

After about 3-5 min it starts to get heady with a nice little cerebral stimulation there, but not too strong; sort of mellow and fuzzy. You may feel very warm now, it’s a bit of an all-around mind/body combination, a swell of energetic undertones so you're not floored; but definitely heavy body sedation when you do stand back up.

Beezle Extracts Lab Test

beezle sauce vape cartridge

I searched online to find out how pure and transparent Beezle truly was. I could not find anything online about tests, however, they have a huge loyal following, reside and produce in a fairly similar region to coastal Europe in Northern California. The area is known for being a clean and health-conscious town that likes to take care of the environment. The owners are imports from Switzerland who use a very traditional closed-loop butane system that retails for about $25-30k. They were happy to have passed inspection on their facilities and machines earlier this year and fans seemed to share the enthusiasm. They use a similar process of another favorite brand and possibly my next review, but with a butane Co2 method.

I’m not entirely sure what happens to the butane in the process but it’s mentioned on the box ingredients as n-butane. The talk about how it's recycled several times during the extraction process and how it's virtually impossible to find any trace of butane runoff that is harmful for human consumption. They also mentioned that it's a long time traditional process which is used in many other popular brands throughout the retail space and is very safe. On the box and the actual website is illustrated with custom designs and descriptions on how it is all free of any PG/VG/MCT, microbes, pesticides, and lab tested.


I contacted SCLabs to get more information on the Beaezle Brand products since there isn't anything listed on the site but products, Beezle history, and some really high-resolution studio photography; which was very attractive. Also attention-grabbing with a full panel inside box pattern, outside silver foil and spot uv printing was the Beezle Brands packaging. I don't typically go for these brands and steer clear of overtly designed products that beg for a consumers eye rather than demand it from the core of a solid fanbase that recognizes clean, pure brands from a distance without the need for things like raised UV or soft-touch printing. It's not to say a good design isn't necessary for a product, but if the product is great the packaging could be anything; an old marker, a soap box, or just a child lock test tube with a bow on it.

Beezle Sauce Cartridges Review Score

I give the Beezle sauce cartridge a recommendation over distillate. However, The lack in evidence of any legitimate testing of the products, contrary to what the dynamic design and advanced printing and packaging might portray; as opposed to something that identifies with the brand's traditional health-conscious scientist core members, or organic modern hippie community. I am also not a fan of the use of plastic on any cartridge; it's cheap, unprofessional looking, and probably a big health hazard when you are heating up over and over while inhaling. I wouldn't necessarily promote or support a brand that didn't find it necessary to spend less on attractive packaging to put more into clean production and housing or be open about it's products and services. I haven't heard anything back from SCLabs but will update if we do. Strange, trippy high, kind of moody, and very sleepy after effects, not really a favorite.

Not the best sauce cartridge option but decent. Friendly Farms and KGB reserve are much superior full spectrum sauce cartridges for the same price.

Decent Sauce Cartridge

Taste - Decent but not the best
Price - $40 half gram - Not as good as other sauce cartridges for the same price.
High - Medium strength
Beelze Cartridge Vape Hit
Lab Test

Cheap Sauce cartridge

Not the best sauce cartridge option but decent. Friendly Farms and KGB reserve are much superior full spectrum sauce cartridges for the same price.

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