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Best 510 Thread Vape Battery For Oil Cartridges In 2019

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October 28, 2019
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November 11, 2019

What are the best 510 thread vape battery for vaping dab carts? We explore the many different types of cannabis oil cartridge batteries with a 510 connection. There are some that can switch to preset temperatures by clicking a button three times, and there are others with precise temperature settings. The entire cannabis thrives team has used a ton of different types of 510 thread vape pen batteries and mods this year. We believe the perfect vape battery should complement the dab cart that's being used with it.

Gone are the days of screwing on your prefilled cannabis oil cartridge, now with magnetic attachments its easier to snap on and off your cart. We list our favorite vape pens and mod batteries for 510 thread cartridges below.

Best Vape Pen Battery For CCELL Cartridges?

The most popular type of vape cartridge used for prefilled THC oil cartridges is the brand CCELL. You would think the best vape battery for it would be a CCELL brand right? This is not accurate though, there are plenty of great non CCELL brand vape pen batteries that do a terrific job. We are going to list our favorites below along with the features and price of the vape pen.

Eden Extracts Vape Pen Battery

eden extracts vape pen

First on our list of the best vape pen battery for CCELL cartridges goes to Eden Extracts in California. It's a simple white vape pen that has three temperatures that can be switched by pressing a button three times. It can be turned on and off by clicking the button on it 5 times. The red mode on it will provide the biggest hits with any prefilled cannabis oil CCELL cartridge.

The company Eden Extracts produces its own vape cartridges in-house, and their cannabis oil is super clear and potent.

Chil Vape Pen

chil vape pen

The Chil Vape Pen proved to me that the chosen preset temperatures were design to be the best for vaping dab carts. I am after clouds from the hits that I take from any 510 thread prefilled cartridge. The Chil vape pen battery was great with any dab cart I threw at it. This vape battery comes in their starter kit which includes a THC oil cartridge. We are huge fans on this vape pen because it lasts long and is inexpensive. We found the starter kit going for $70-$94 in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

QCELL GT280 - Best Cheap Vape Pen Battery For Sale Online

qcell vape pen battery

We are fans of this cheap vape pen battery because it's small and efficient. This is the type of vape pen that you won't be too mad if you lost because it doesn't cost too much. Right now the QCELL GT280 on sale for $5.00 USD online. Its regular price is $9.99. This vape pen has 280 MaH of battery power which will be good enough on a full charge for an entire half gram cartridge. It has a 13-second automatic shut off for overheating protection. The three preset temperatures include 1.8 volts, 2.7 volts, and 3.6 volts. We found our favorite temperature was either the 2.7 volts or 3.6 volts for big clouds.

Eleaf IStick Amnis 2 Vape Battery 1100 MaH

eleaf amnis 2

Next on our list of the best vape batteries for THC cartridges is the Istick Amnis 2 from Eleaf. This vape battery is perfect for those who are power users with dab carts. This is one of the first vape batteries we’ve seen that uses a USB-C cable to charge incredible fast. This vape battery is a mod type but compact with 4 available temperatures. Although this is a variable voltage vape battery, we only recommend using the lowest to high with cannabis oil cartridges.

The max setting is 4.6 voltages which is way too high for any cannabis oil cartridge.

CCELL Palm Vape Battery 550 mAh

ccell palm vape battery

The reason why we are giving the CCELL Palm Vape battery first place is that it hits great and protects vape cartridges from drops. I was really impressed with this vape battery from CCELL. It was such a great design that other brands followed in the same direction. We've seen the CCELL palm no less than $25.00 online.

Cobra Extracts Vape Battery - 510 Thread Battery Variable Voltage

Cobra Extracts vape battery

Another vape battery that protects the cartridge from drops. I've personally broken a few nearly full gram cartridges before, and I've seen friends break some from drops too. So these types of batteries that protect 510 thread cartridges will pay for itself after saving your precious THC oil from wasting. This vape battery will retract your prefilled cartridge like a car key at the click of a button. This FOB battery has three temperatures.

VMod 2


This is another Palm type vape battery that feels great to hold. Its similar to the CCELL palm, however, it requires the press of a button to use. The Vmod is a compact vape battery with 900mAh power capacity. This is enough to vape an entire gram cartridge of cannabis oil without needing a charge. We have the VMod 2 for sale at $24.99 directly from our manufactory for extra savings. Save money in exchange for waiting a little longer for your package to come from our main source sending the VMod 2 directly to you. This is a palm vape battery with a button on itself, it has 4 temperature settings.

The VMod vape battery is created from the company Transpring.

ICare Flask

icare flask vape battery

This vape battery looks like a mini flask, its sleek design also has a LED light that is activated when in use. The Icare Flask by Eleaf comes with a 520 mAh of power. This is another version of the palm type of vape battery which fits comfortably in your hand. The price for this vape battery is inexpensive at $25.99. There are no buttons on this 510 thread battery, instead its activated upon taking a hit. Very sleek design with an excellent size battery makes it one of the best 510 thread vape batteries in 2019. Comes with an attachment that makes prefilled cartridges connect via magnet instead of screwing.

Raw Garden Vape Pen With Inhale Activation

raw garden vape battery

The Raw Garden vape pen is white and looks really great with their cartridges attached to it. There is only one temperature which provides excellent hits from Raw Garden cartridges and many other brands I've used with it. This vape pen is the best for beginners who just want something that's going to work for them. I found these simple yet extremely efficient vape pens for only $10.00.

IStick Pico X - Best Vape Battery For Power Users

eleaf istick pico x

The Istick Pico X is a box mod type battery. It's perfect for people who are frequently vaping 510 thread cartridges. This 510 thread vape battery will outlast any of the batteries on this list with its impressive 2600 mAh size. I've gone to festivals and music concerts with my friends who I shared my vape pens with only for it to die. This will not happen with the IStick Pico X, make sure your entire squad stays lifted during any event with this powerhouse of a vape battery.

Buy Istick Pico X From Eleaf for $38.66

C-Box Pro By Kandypens.com

best 510 vape battery

The C-Box Pro has 390 mAh of battery power and cost $49.95 on Kandypens.com. It has a single button that controls its 4 temperatures and vape hits. The battery power is a bit on the low side compared to other brands that have more power for less the cost. This vape battery comes with an attachment that turns your 510 prefilled cartridge into a magnetic connection with the vape battery. The C-Box Pro was designed to protect your precious THC oil cartridges from becoming damage in case of a drop.

Sesh Gear Mobi - 650 mAh

best  cheap 510 thread vape battery

A cheap vape battery that will cover your THC cartridge and protect from damage. The Sesh Gear Mobi Vape Battery cost is inexpensive at $19.99 and available at their official website. There are 4 temps that can easily be switched by the press of a button dedicated to changing it.

Ranked510 Thread Vape BatteryPowerPriceDoes It Protect Cartridge?
1VMod 2900mAh25.00Yes
2CCELL Palm Battery550mAh$25.00Yes
3ICare Flask
4Sesh Gear Mobi650mAh$19.99Yes
5IStick Pico X2600mAh$38.66No
6Cobra Extracts350mAh$25.00Yes
7Chil Vape PenUnknown$79 - With Chil CartridgeNo
8Xbox Pro390mAh$49.95Yes
10Raw Garden Vape Pen350mAh$10.00No

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