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Top 5 Best Glass Bongs Under 100 In 2019

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Trying to find an affordable glass bong can be difficult when looking locally. We decided to make this top 5 best Glass Bongs under 100 to help our readers get the best bang for their buck. The cannabis market in the USA is the biggest it has ever been in its history thanks to many states legalizing weed. Entire countries such as Canada and others have legalized cannabis completely. It’s easy to overpay for a new glass bong for weed, and soon after finding a cheaper more premium option for sale. This was the case with me a few years back at my local smoke shop, and I had paid $500 for a piece that had weak filtration. Later I ended up selling the piece for $125 to some guy online.

That was the last time I ever overpaid for a glass bong. Soon afterward, I luckily discovered where most of the local smoke shops were buying their Glass Bongs and that my friends were from, of course, China. Buying directly from the actual Glass Bong manufactured in China was the secret to saving a ton of money. Don’t worry, there is no gimmicks or memberships required. Instead, its simply known as one of China’s biggest online marketplace similar to our eBay in the USA.

Best Cheap Bongs Under 100

The only downside to ordering from China Glass Bongs is the long delivery times. It can take up to a month to receive a package in exchange for the cheap bong price. The best bongs we found under 100 all had incredible feedback from verified buyers. Below is a video of the current top 5 best selling bongs in 2019 on one of the worlds biggest marketplaces online. Although we believe in supporting American made glass bongs, we also believe in supporting low budget stoners find quality glass rigs. We personally ordered glass bongs for ourself with much success online from China.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve purchased a Glass Bong from outside of the USA and how was your experience? Also, let us know if you buy one of the above-menitoned glass bongs and how it turned out.

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