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Best Live Resin Cartridges in California For 2020

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The best Live Resin cartridges are all coming out of California, and that isn’t any surprise since this state is known for its premium pot. There is so much more than just normal weed today. We are living in a time where no longer do we need to roll up and spark it up to get high. Today we can enjoy the ingredients of cannabis that we enjoy so much, but now at a more intense level. Live resin cartridges are for those who want to experience the taste of a marijuana strain at a more intense level.




What Are Live Resin Carts?

Live Resin carts Stiiizy Cresco Raw Garden

Experience vaping cannabis concentrate oil that is extracted from marijuana that has been flash froze right after it’s cut. This maximizes preserving the cannabis terpenes profile to its fullest extent and producing flavorful results. These are considered premium cannabis oil vape cartridges and thus come with higher than average prices than regular THC oil carts.


Best Live Resin Carts in 2020

So what are some Live resin cart brands making some noise right now in California? There are more than a few live resin cartridge brands making some loud noise that we are doing to highlight below. There are different types of Live resin cartridges available such as distillate and sauce. Each of these cannabis oil cartridges provides the full spectrum effect. We decided to try out three of the latest Live resin cartridges coming out of California and making some noise.


3) Cresco Sojay Haze

Cresco Live Resin Cart Packaging Sojay haze

This is the inside packaging of the Sojay Haze Cresco.

Cresco Sojay Haze half gram cartridge

This is the half gram Cresco cartridge. The oil is darker because it’s a Live Resin.

Cresco live resin cart and box

Very nice bright red packaging.

We kept seeing the Creso live resin cartridges in our local dispensaries and delivery services. So we decided to give them a try-finally for the best live resin cartridge list. This list will be expanding as we try out other Live resin cart brands. Okay, so did we like the Creso Live resin cartridge? We were expecting some really good tasting cannabis but were left with being unsatisfied. Three of us tried each of these cartridges and none of us liked the Cresco Soja Haze cart. We can not recommend this vape cartridge and will write a more detailed review on it later.


2) Stiiizy Liquid Live Resin

Stiiizy lemon twist box no scratch

This is the Stiiizy Lemon Twist half gram cart. Here we have the scratch protector so you have protected lab test results.

Stiiizy Lemon Twist pod half gram pod and box scratch off

Here I scratch off the QR code on the Stiiizy box. Use Qr code or code to access test results.

Stiiizy Live Resin half gram lemon twist

Very nice clean oil its a really bright and rich brown.

Stiiizy battery half gram lemon twist pod

The Stiiizy Liquid Live Resin is a new product from this brand and we were excited to try it. We were not disappointed with the new Stiiizy Live resin pods released. These new Stiiizy pods cost $40 for a half gram and do not currently come in full grams. The new liquid live resin pods from Stiiizy were impressive and provided us with a really strong high.


1) Raw Garden Live Resin Carts Are Affordable And Potent

Stiiizy Live Resin lemon twist VS Raw Garden Live Resin key lime

Here is the main match us Stiiizy VS Raw Garden Live Resin.

raw garden live resin key lime cart

The Key Lime cartridge has 89.61% THC.

Raw garden half gram cart key lime

One of the lightest live resin cartridge out in market.

Raw garden Lab code key lime

The QR code for lab test results is on the back of the box.

raw garden live resin wave rider full gram

The best live resin cartridges are not always the most expensive. In fact, our favorite Live Resin cartridge is from Raw Garden that has full grams available for $50 on average. They’ve proven their quality by winning the cannabis cup last year in the Bay Area. They have extremely high THC content reported in their lab tests that are on every vape cartridge of theirs. This is by far the best live resin cartridge in terms of both price and strength hands down.


Top 3 Live Resin Cartridge Rating
  • Stiiizy Lemon Twist
  • Cresco
  • Raw Garden Key Lime

Here is the top three live resin we were able to get our hands on Stiiizy, Raw Garden, and Cresco.

All Live Resin cartridges did amazing on this list. We just love that hit and an instant head change you get from hitting Raw Garden so gave them five stars.

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