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Top 10 Best Prefilled Dab Carts In California For 2019

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Last year we wrote about the best prefilled cartridges in 2018 towards the end of the year. This year we decided to write our new best dab carts brand list a little bit earlier. We did so because there are just too many new THC cartridge brands establishing themselves with outstanding quality products. Last year's list of the best THC cartridge brands has changed significantly. Once again our top best THC oil carts are determined by multiple criterias including the following:

  • Vape cartridge efficiency vaping THC oil - Does the dab cart hit big clouds with little to no effort? There are now pod cartridges which do not use the standard 510 thread connection.

  • THC oil effects and intensity - This year we’ve seen the creation of new types of cannabis oil including sauces, live resin, and more than regular distillate and terpenes.

  • Lab test availability with proof of clean THC oil - This year we saw a lot of Dab Carts test for pesticides from reputable labs that provide the lab test results online. We only included clean THC cartridge brands on our list of the best for 2019.

  • Price fairness for quality of product

  • Sessions per cartridge - Every prefilled cartridge we tried provided a different amount of sessions which we took into consideration for our list of the best Dab Cart brands.

Top 10 Best Prefilled Cartridges in 2019 List

This year we saw a tremendous amount of new hash oil cartridge brands surface into the legal cannabis markets. Along with these new and innovated Dab Carts we saw an influx of street prefilled cartridge brands. We know it's tempting to save money on prefilled cartridges claiming to be lab-tested clean and have ridiculously high amounts of THC content. Unfortunately, it's been proven there is no winning with dab carts for sale on the streets, there are many lab tests showing their are contaminated with pesticides and other impurities. We wrote a more in-depth article about these unregulated, and fake THC cartridge brands that we highly encourage reading. Last years winner was Plug Play pods with their amazing potency and quality cartridge hits. This years list has changed substantially with many new brands.

10. Cobra Extracts Cartridges

cobra extracts

The Cobra Extracts cartridge brand made 3rd on our best prefilled cartridges last year, they managed to stay on our top 10 with the many new brands entering the cannabis market. We love Cobra Extracts cartridges because they have some strong THC oil that taste good and doesn’t cost too much. A gram of their full gram distillate options cost $55-$60. We had the chance to try out almost every flavor of their 510 prefilled cartridge options. We highly encourage our readers to try a Cobra Extracts cartridge if its available in your area. They took home a high time cannabis cup last year for their hash oil cartridges.

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9. Dime Industries Cartridges

dime industries

This is a fairly new THC cartridge brand from Los Angeles. Although they are new to the cannabis market, their prefilled cartridges made it on our best THC cartridge brand list for this year. Dime Industries cartridges are bigger than your typical 510 cartridges, and the hits are too. I did experience some clogging with their cartridges, but nothing too serious. Their flavors are magnificent because they are naturally derived from cannabis. They offer some unique and attractive strain options such as Bubblegum kush.

We are sure the Chil brand would rank higher on our list if they had better THC oil cartridge hardware. I would prefer a CCELL brand cartridge.

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8. Chil Cartridges

chil cartridge

This brand came in swinging with huge prefilled cartridge tanks with beautiful airflow and hits. The Chil brand is another LA THC cartridge company that has entered the industry. They did so with a collaboration with CCELL and made a unique bigger tank cartridge. The Chil cartridge is disposable and can not be refilled. I really like their brand slogan, “I chil harder than you party”. A couple of hits from the Chil cartridge will have you in a nice pleasant chill mood.

Check out our full Chil cartridge review

7. Pure One Half Gram Cartridges

pure one cartridge

The winner of our 2nd place best THC oil cartridge is Pure One and their half gram cartridge options. This year with so many new superior brands they’ve managed to stay on the list but are now ranked 7th best. Pure one cartridges are prefilled with distillate that averages above 80% THC content. This brand has made it easy to access lab test results proving their cannabis oil is accurate with their THC claims. We did discover inconsistencies with their full gram, half gram, and syringe options with THC content and taste. This didn’t help Pure one with our consideration in ranking them on our best-prefilled cartridge list.

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6. Eden Extracts Cartridges

eden extracts diamond cartridge eden extracts cartridge

We are fans of the Eden Extracts cartridges because they have a premium and affordable option cartridge with outstanding cannabis oil. Eden Extracts has some of the cleanest-tasting THC oil with every vape hit. They have half gram options with their premium THC oil that has a transparency close to water for only $25.00. They have a more premium cartridge option with better airflow but a very expensive price tag at $55 for half a gram. Their more expensive cart is the Diamond Cartridge. They designed their own cartridge in-house with a unique reverse airflow to cool down the vapor. Although they do have some really outstanding crafted THC oil, we feel like their vape cartridge hardware is holding them back in our humble opinion.

We have not tried out their premium cartridge option, but after we are able to there will be an update to this best THC cartridge list if it’s necessary.

5. Bloom Champaign Dart Pod

bloom dart pod

The Bloom Brand has revamped their entire selection of THC oil cartridge options and made it on our top THC cartridge list. They also introduced a new champagne kush THC distillate oil pre filled in a CCELL Dart pod. A full hit of their Champaign Dart pod was enough to send me into super intense high, the type where your done and don’t need anyone. This was a hit until the CCELL vape pen battery blinked. I've found a half gram Bloom Dart Pod in California sale for $30-$45 a half gram.

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4. Raw Garden Cartridges

raw garden cartridge

Raw Garden cartridges have entered the industry and built a lot of credibility fast. They first started with half gram prefilled hash oil cartridges with live resin distillate. Soon after they released full grams of their 510 prefilled cartridges and gained instant popularity. They’ve taken steps to combat any chance of doubt with the quality in their THC oil with QR codes on their packaging, scanning with a mobile phone will provide access to its lab test results. I've found full gram Raw Garden cartridges for as low as $50 in the bay area. They offer high THC content options with proof from reputable labs.

It only it only takes one hit to fall in love with any Raw Garden cartridge. The quality of the THC oil is felt within seconds with a rush of euphoria from their Sativa options. Feel a real boost of energy from any of their Sativa strains and improve focus. I can’t recommend Raw Garden cartridges enough, they are the best live resin vape cartridge available in California. They also don’t try and charge a huge premium on their 510 prefilled cartridges, making it a premium affordable option. Read our full Raw Garden cartridge review for more details.

This is the perfect example of a brand that did little to no marketing and allowed their prefilled live resin cartridge to sell itself. I remember my local weed delivery service guy telling me how these smack and I had to try them. He was right, and now I am here ranking them on this years best THC oil cartridge list for 2019.

3. Plug Play Vape

plug play cartridge

Plug and Play prefilled cartridges and vape pen combination is our last year's (2018) winners for the best THC cartridge. This year they remain apart of the top 3 best 510 prefilled cartridge because they continue to improve in their distillate craft. We were lucky enough to have one sent out to us during it release which was perfect timing before our new top 10 best cannabis oil cartridge list.

Plug and Play vape has crafted some of the best distillate oil pods. We were lucky enough to try their latest Masterpiece OG strain. This prefilled pod did not disappoint.

This distillate oil included 7.77mg of CBD with 901.68mg of THC. They are using the ALV Vfire rebranded as their own, and it hits spectacular. This and the CCELL Dart are the only other two pods that hit close to a dab rig experience. Its super easy to acquire a bit hit. We encourage our readers to learn more about this great concentrate cartridge by reading our Plug and Play Cartridge review.

2. Friendly Farms Cartridges

second best THC cartridge 2019

There is no distillate that can compete with a full spectrum sauce cartridge. There are other brands such as Absolutextracts which created a combination of distillate mixed with sauce terpenes. We were not fans of this unique blend with CO2 terpenes, it was not a true full spectrum experience such as Friendly Farms Cartridges. We tried their Sativa strain Doug's Diesel that provided a superb cerebral high. Those who are after the best Sativa effects will instantly become big fans. We are huge fans of Friendly Farms sauce cartridges and they make some of the best in the market besides our 1st place winner.

The average price we’ve found for a Friendly Farms cartridge in the bay area is $45-50 a half gram. Check out our in-depth Friendly Farms Cartridge review for additional insight on what we deem the best live resin cart for 2019.

1. Best THC Oil Cartridge in 2019 Winner - KGB Reserve Full Sauce Cartridges

best THC oil cartridge 2019

After trying out many different types of hash oil cartridges in California, we voted that our favorite is the sauce pens from KGB Reserve in Oakland. We smoke cannabis and vape THC oil cartridges frequently in the day. As people with high tolerance, we were not expecting to get as high as we did with KGB Reserve cartridges. When we first hit a KGB reserve cartridge it sent us into an intense high like no other prefilled cartridge had done so before. This sauce cartridge smacks hard with its full spectrum experience.

We enjoyed a handful of their sauce pens with everyone being a real treat after the next. We tried their Private Reserve, Sour dub, ChemDawg, and Guvao cookies, each being a real luxury prefilled vape pen. These are real exotic sauce pens that any cannabis connoisseur must try. The effects of these hash oil cartridges are felt instantly and provide a more premium high than distillate. The $45-$50 price tag for a half gram disposable vape pen is a fair price

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Let us know if you agree with our best-prefilled cartridge 2019 list. We plan on creating a top 10 best distillate, sauce, and live resin cartridge list soon. This list is overall on all of the best THC cartridges we've tried in California. Didn't see a dab cart you believe should be here? Let us know in the comments below!

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