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Bloom Cartridge Review: Pineapple Express Flavor Was Sweet

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PEX or Pineapple Express is currently one of many cannabis oil strains available from the Bloom Brand’s new flavors. These cartridges either come in .5 or 1 whole gram doses. I tried the Bloom cartridge with a half gram of Pineapple express distillate oil. As labeled on the box and on the Bloom Brand website, this strain is considered a hybrid and contains close to 80% THC. When you check out their website you’ll notice that most, if not all of the cartridges are around the same percentile of THC but the strains vary from Indica, Sativa or hybrid. 

bloom cartridge

The oil within this 510-thread cartridge was a clear and dense extract. The mouthpiece is easily removable to allow refill and the coil did not have any overheating issues. We used a simple 510 battery for our Bloom cartridge, which got the job done and lasted us the whole day. This set up is recommended for anyone with lower tolerance or new to vaping cannabis oil because the oil burns thoroughly in the Bloom vape cartridge without having to constantly control the heat level. The overall look of the distillate oil is clean and reflective to the Bloom Brand’s style; crisp and unique to your vaping experience.

The Taste

bloom vape cartridge

At first hit, you can taste the pineapple flavor hence the name but what stood out was the after taste once you have released the smoke. It was a candy-like sweetness that we were able to distinguish so if you’re a fan of tropical fruits this will be an awesome flavor. For those that are familiar with oil cartridges and smoke occasionally the hit is smooth but packs a punch. To say the least, be aware of coughing prior to a full rip. But again, the taste of the cannabis oil sits clean and terpene renders a nice sweet flavor.

The Effects

The first puff was taken right at noon and lasted a good two hours – you can feel a slight euphoric buzz, but it is nothing too overwhelming. The cartridge did the job considering it does have near 80% THC; the effects are what you would normally expect from a hybrid strain. It is a calm and uplifting sensation once you can sit there and feel the high. One of our main concerns was the chest congestion that comes after vaping the oil and for the most part, we were very satisfied with the results after completely testing this cartridge from The Bloom Brand.

Final Thoughts For The Bloom Cartridge Review

I would rate this Bloom Cartridge distillate oil a solid 4.5/5. You can notice right away that the extract itself is clean and not a runny substance. For all our low tolerance smokers, you can expect at least 70-80 hits before refilling. This means that this prefilled cartridge can last a couple of days to a week. Our biggest props have to go out to the taste of the Pineapple Express, the subtle taste of the smoke compliments the tropical fruitiness that we noticed from each rip.

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