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CCELL Dart Review: Premium Vape Battery And Pod Cartridge For Hash Oil

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July 8, 2019
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This CCELL Dart review introduced a vape pen system with impressive size and smooth hits. After taking the first hit from a CELL Dart I was instantly surprised by the amount of vape inhaled without realizing it. I wasn’t expecting such a premium vape cartridge and vape pen from this device, but it quickly won me over with the smooth and giant hits of distillate oil from it. In case your not familiar with the CCELL brand, they are the manufacture of widely used cartridges for vaping cannabis oil. They are no small fish, they supply vape cartridges for some of the best selling prefilled cartridge brands.

CCELL dart review

The CCELL Dart is their first attempt at a new pod cartridge for hash oil. After trying out more than a few pods I can report back they’ve successfully built a premium vape cartridge. The CCELL pods are not available for people to buy and refill it with their own hash oil, it's only sold to cannabis extraction businesses. A few well known prefilled cartridge companies have already made the switch to this new CCELL pod and had major success. It brought a victory to Moxie with their Piña Colada DART Pod in the 2019 Socal Cannabis cup. Absolutextracts is another cannabis oil cartridge brand which begin to use the CCELL Dart Pods for this cannabis distillate oil.

CCELL Dart Battery Life

Although compact, this CCELL battery has an impressive 480mAh power capacity. A fully charged Dart can provide enough power to finish a couple of half gram pods before needing to recharge it. It doesn't take up too much time to fully charge this compact vape pen battery, an hour is sufficient enough of time.

CCELL Dart Price

The average price for a CELL Dart vape battery cost $19.99. The pods for this vape pen come in only half gram options. The price for a prefilled pod cartridge various from different brands depending on the type of cannabis oil inside. I've seen half gram CCELL pods prefilled with distillate on weedmaps in the bay area for $29-$45.

CCELL Pod Coil Review

The CCELL coil for the Dart pods are made out of ceramic and heated up by a metal wire wrapped inside of it. Only the heated ceramic is in contact with cannabis oil for a pleasant tasting hit. The taste of cannabis oil using this vaporizer is outstanding. One full hit with this CCELL coil will allow you tap into an intense high comparable to a dab hit. This CCELL cartridge really allows for cannabis oil to reach its full potential.

Hits are incredibly big which means a lot more hash oil is consumed at once, which is the key to a more intense high. A perfect example is the high from smoking a joint compared to a bong hit. The larger dose of hash oil at once is the key to a more stronger and intense high that will last longer.

CCELL Dart Pod Review

ccell bloom brand dart pod

I decided to take a short video demonstrating the powerful hits from the CCELL Dart Pod which can be seen above. While taking a hit of the CCELL dart pod for that recording, I was thrown into a very intense high that lasted beyond a solid hour. I took a total of one and a half hits from a prefilled CCELL pod from the Bloom Brand. The first time I only took half a hit and decided to record again with a different angle. This half hit had already left me very high where I would have been satisfied for session. Afterward, I took nearly a full hit before having to release which can be seen in the short 30-second video clip above.

I had smoked a bong hit 30 minutes prior to this Dart hit too, and the high was evaluated by about 3 times the intensity.

I was lucky enough to have access to a couple of empty CCELL pods and refilled them using my own distillate oil. I used a PURE vape syringe loaded with distillate oil tested at 85% THC content. I refilled a total of two pods and was blown away by the powerful hits from the CCELL Dart. I also used a prefilled CCELL pod from the Bloom Brand for this Dart review. I tried their champaign pod cartridge which tested at above 80% THC content. During this CCELL Dart review, I discovered the Bloom Brand which has some pretty tasty and potent distillate oil.

CCELL dart pod refill CCELL dart cartridge

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