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Chil Vape Cartridge Review: New Bigger CCELL

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I Chil harder than you party. That is the slogan of the Chil vape cartridge brand. This is another distillate oil prefilled cartridge from California, however, they have introduced a new type of CCELL cartridge. We were very excited when we discovered their weedmaps page, but we were also skeptical if their new vape cartridge would perform efficiently. The Chil THC cartridges are much bigger than the average 510 thread vape cartridge.

We quickly contacted Chil for some samples and were sent some out for reviewing on Cannabisthrives.com. They sent out two of their prefilled cartridges that included Purple Punch and their Pineapple Jack. A Chil vape battery was also sent out to us which we really liked, it also came precharged. We were very excited to try out their Sativa and Indica for our Chil cartridge review. Fortunately, the Chil vape cartridges did not disappoint.

Chil Cartridge Review

chil cartridge review

Chil introduced a new CCELL cart we have not come across yet. Those who are not familiar with CCELL cartridges should know they are well known for producing some of the best carts. We didn't anticipate their bigger size cartridge to be a CCELL type, we have never seen this design before. These new bigger prefilled cartridges were built to efficiently vape thick cannabis oil.

The Chil vape cartridge vaping performance competes with vape pods such as the CCELL DART and VFire, two other top of the line vape cartridges for vaping thick cannabis oil. We recommend reading our in-depth article on the best thick oil vape cartridge which includes CCELL cartridges. Etched at the bottom of the cart is the CCELL model number L049.

Chil Vape Pen Battery

Chil vape cartridges

The Chil vape battery also has etched L049, located where the cartridge connects. This vape pen feels great to hold and its not small enough to easily lose. There are three preset temperatures available that can be changed by pressing a button three times. Their vape pen battery is thicker than regular pen, it also has a 510 connection. The Chil Vape Battery has a micro-usb connection which is another convenient feature.

Distillate Oil Review

Chil THC oil review

There is a lot of brands that are opting to sell distillate oil because of its high THC content sought out by many. Besides the high strength it's important to have good tasting THC oil, Chil does a good job with their sweet tasting distillate. Those who are a fan of sweet tasting THC oil will enjoy Chil cartridges. We really liked the taste from both of the flavors we tried. The Purple Punch tasted much better than other brands we tried. The Pineapple Jack was super sweet and we really enjoy it.

THC Content Strength

The box label has 80% THC content on the Pineapple Jack we tried. Chil cannabis oil was more potent than other prefilled cartridges we tried such as Select Elite cartridges that have higher THC content on their label. The Purple Punch from Chil also has 80% THC content, it was quite potent as will and we could recommend to anyone with a high tolerance.

Conclusion Of Chil Vape Cartridge Review

chil vape pen and battery

We took this prefilled cartridge to the test and brought it with us to an Event in Berkeley California. It did not disappoint and caught the attention of people around us at the event. We were chilling comfortably with the potent strength of THC content. Their Pineapple Jack kept us energetic and alert while we tried it out for the first time. The fact that the vape pen came charged right out of the box was really useful.
Although the sample pack we received was smaller than what other brands have sent out, it was enough to discover a brand worthy to buy. The Chil cartridge review was a pleasure to write, let us know in the comments if you have come across Chil cartridges, they can be found in California according to their websites page for locations. We encourage you to check out their Instagram for additional insight into their prefilled cartridges.

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