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Chronic Carts Review: Packaging Sold Online

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August 21, 2019
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Chronic Carts have some of the most appealing packagings that targets young adults and teens. We found empty Chronic Carts packaging and vape cartridges for sale online. We found these empty vape cartridges and Chronic Carts packaging selling for 0.10-1.10 each. There is no actual Chronic Carts official website, instead, there are many different Instagram accounts claiming to be real. This Chronic Carts review will explain why we don't recommend these unreputable prefilled 510 cartridges.

chronic carts fake

Following the commercialization of the cannabis industry, specifically the THC oil cartridges, the market has continued to witness a surge of new prefilled hash oil cartridge brands. The high demand for these products is, no doubt, the reason for the continuous emergence of a plethora of street cartridge brands that are without any valid information, who are looking to profit off consumers trying to save money. Chronic Carts is one of such new brands on the market. Like many other such brands (like Dank Vapes, South Carts, and Exotic Carts), it is difficult to tell if Chronic Carts can be trusted to contain authentic THC oil.

Chronic Carts Are Not Good 510 Thread Prefilled Cartridges

chronic carts cartridges

Though the packaging of these Chronic Carts looks very similar to Dank Vape cartridges, no information could be found linking them. Unlike the Dank Vapes cartridges, they offer just as little information on their label about their product. However, there is no background story available online about the company or the people behind the production of Chronic carts. There is no website with information about the products and its constituents, no lab tests results, and above all, nothing online to prove its authenticity.

New Clear Chronic Carts

An addition to the packaging of the regular Chronic Carts is the Clear series. These new Clear Chronic Carts are nothing more than packaging to help people push their cannabis oil. These cartridges can also help people rip others off by adding fake or diluted cannabis oil. It can be tempted to buy these 510 thread prefilled cartridges because they look so appealing. But they are nothing more than a pure selling tactic to help push low-quality hash oil. The people selling these Chronic Carts do not care about the law or your health, their only concern is maximizing their profit even if it's at your health expense. Chronic Carts Are Selling Nationwide

An internet search on chronic carts showed multiple pages on the Chinese market place, where Chronic carts prefilled cartridges are sold in bulk; this is an indication that these cartridges could contain some substances other than THC oil. They could even contain pesticides and synthetics.

Additionally, Chronic carts have been found to be selling in dispensaries that deal on other unregulated brands; this discredits dispensaries selling them. Since there is no valid information about this brand online, it is impossible to tell whether these products marketed online and sold on the streets are legit.

Chronic Carts Flavor Review

chronic carts sherblato

We found plenty of Chronic Carts review videos online of people describing different taste from the same flavors. This proves there is no single source supplier of THC oil for these prefilled cartridges, instead of its by many different people. We also noticed the cannabis oil in these Chronic Carts are not the same density, some were thicker than others. When the prefilled cartridge is tipped upside down and given a closer look, the oil seemed to be a little too thin and moved fast; and this could only mean that whatever oil is there isn't THC, but some diluted substance.

Fake Runtz Cartridges

We actually did a White Runtz strain review on the cannabis, we were able to get it directly from the Runtz team member Nero. The White Runtz packaging design was stolen and used for the Chronic Carts White Runtz.

fake runtz cartridges pink runtz chronic carts chronic carts white runtz

The Chinese are aware of the popular Runtz brand and have ripped it off and added it onto the Chronic Carts packaging. We have contact directly with the Runtz team and have confirmed these are fake Runtz cartridges and there was no collaboration.

Fake Chronic Carts Selling Online

fake chronic carts

There is no real Chronic Carts company. Also, beware of people selling these fake carts online. There have been people who shared their experiences losing money with these types of websites selling street brand THC cartridges.

Despite the look of the oil, the Chronic Carts flavors had a pleasant artificial terpene taste. The carts also delivered smooth hits, and do not hit hard on the throat. Besides their delicious taste, Chronic Carts are not very strong. The cartridges could only deliver very light high after several hits; this brings to doubt, the potency of the oil.

Conclusively, Chronic Carts are another brand of prefilled cartridges from which you should stay far off. Their sweet taste might be all they have going for them. As for the authenticity and quality of their oil, that cannot be guaranteed given the absence of crucial information about the brand online. If you've tried this street brand prefilled cartridge please share your own Chronic carts review below in the comments.


  • My boyfriend & I have been trying to communicate with this company because they claimed every single one we bought from a dispensary was fake. This whole company is fake. They are run out of a house in the Mid-west/West. They were arrested yesterday morning on multiple drug charges. They found that they had multiple bottles of THC oil they were illegally buying from California & getting shipped in. This oil was being diluted heavily, especially with Vitamen E, & they have absolutely no lab test what so ever. The people running the Instagram page are extremely rude & say that every cartridge anyone has is fake if it has a front facing slot showing the oil, but ALL of their packaging up until 2-3 weeks ago had front slit packaging. They were trying to cover their tracks, but it didn’t work. The whole company is a sham. DO NOT BUY CHRONIC CARTS!
  • "The Chinese are aware of the popular Runtz brand and have ripped it off"- probably wasn't intentional but the tone of this off colour. Just as likely westerners commissioned fake stuff to be made in China - don't have to be Chinese to have fake products made...