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Cobra Extracts Cartridges Review ( Elev8 Edition)

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This Cobra Extracts cartridge review includes 5 different strain flavors from the new ELev8 line up. The Cobra Extracts cartridge is a cannabis cup winner from 2018. This is a reputable THC oil cartridge brand that has their recreational and medical licenses available online. Cobra Extracts is a brand that has hired a PHD chemist as a consultant to maximize the quality of their distillate oil. Their cannabis oil extraction is done using a revolutionary cold refining procedure.

Cobra Extracts has 15,900 instagram followers and is actively posting. This quality of this hash oil cartridge caught the attention of Forbes and there was a piece written about Cobra Extracts on their website. All of these accomplishments were more than enough reasons for us to want to write a Cobra Extracts review on all of their latest products.

Cobra Extracts Elev8 Distillate Oil

Cobra Extracts Elev8 Cartridge review

The Cobra Extracts Elev8 Edition has distillate oil that’s super crystal clear and each puff loaded with a lot of THC that’s felt instantly. They take pride by creating hash oil without any solvents in their final product. Ethanol is the only solvent used to refine specific products. This is a premium made cannabis extracted oil that shows with the smoothness of its vapor. The 80% plus THC content is accurately felt with a nice intense high. Once you get your first hit of Elev8 it's understandable why they won a cannabis cup last year.

Elev8 Strain And Flavor Options

cobra extracts elev8

I want to first start off by saying I wish their prefilled Elev8 cartridges options included their Lemon Skunk strain. Big fan of their lemon skunk syringe! My favorite prefilled cartridge goes to their Platinum Pineapple! Each hit was refreshing and tasted just a hint of pineapples. Animal Cookies and Venom OG are my other two favorites. Their flavors are just enough to enjoy but not overwhelm.

Below is every Cobra Extracts Elev8 cartridge flavors I tried starting with my top favorites!

  • Premium Pineapple
  • Lemon Skunk
  • Animal Cookies
  • Trainwreck
  • Venom OG
  • Maui wowie
  • BlackBerry Kush
  • BlueBerry Haze - Won Hightimes.com So Cal Cannabis Cup 2018

They have a much bigger selection of flavors with their Nectar Sticks. I am a huge fan of their Lemon Skunk Nectar stick, it hit amazing in a disposable Ikrusher Tiki vaporizer.

Cobra Extracts Cartridge Review

cobra extracts elev8 review

The Elev8 edition from Cobra Extracts are using a CCELL cartridge, model number c2290. This CCELL cartridge must have been designed specifically for their distillate oil because the hits were gigantic. We tried these prefilled cartridges using their vape battery that has 3 preset temperatures. I enjoyed using all three temperatures, the lowest was my favorite because of how good it tasted with it. Those who are after the one and done hit will love the highest temperature.

Cobra Extracts Battery

cobra extracts

One full hit on the highest voltage feels nearly like taking a dab. The three preset temperatures are 3.7, 3.9, and 4.1 volts. Each temperature has a different color light associated with it. A green light is the lowest temperature, blue is mid temp, and orange is the highest. The Cobra Extracts battery works excellent with any 510 thread prefilled cartridge.

Big fans of the new Elev8 Cartridges from Cobra Extracts. Super clean distillate oil without any solvents to worry about. Very clean tasting THC oil with just the perfect amount of terpenes.

Cobra Extracts Cartridge Overall Score

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Premium THC cartridges with great tasting options.

Big fans of the new Elev8 Cartridges from Cobra Extracts. Super clean distillate oil without any solvents to worry about. Very clean tasting THC oil with just the perfect amount of terpenes.

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