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Dabwoods Carts Review: A Street Brand Cartridge To Avoid

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May 28, 2019
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June 3, 2019

Dabwoods are nothing more than an appealing packaging that looks like the Backwoods brand. Its THC oil is not lab tested and can contain pesticides. We first wrote about Dabwoods carts back in June 2019 warning against them. Now there has been many news reports of them popping up in the homes of people getting caught filling them and selling them illegally. The perfect example is with the recent huge bust with two brothers who were caught doing just that!

Two Brothers Caught Selling Dabwoods

This is the perfect example of what's really going on behind street cartridges like Dabwoods. Two brothers were arrested in Wisconsin. Reported September.11.2019 by many media outlets. The street value was 1.5 million dollars and includes other well-known street brand THC vape cartridges. They would import the distillate oil from California and use syringes to fill their vape cartridges.


Dabwoods Carts Is A Street Brand

Unlike most other prefilled THC cartridges for sale on the Black Market, Dabwoods has clothes with their brand on it for sale. Their Instagram page has Los Angeles as their Location in their description. Looks like Dankwoods might be the actual creators and branched off into prefilled THC oil carts with this brand.


Dabwoods is another prefilled distillate oil cartridge that claims high THC content and doesn’t provide any proof. Unfortunately, there is no official website for Dabwoods carts. Don’t be fooled by the nice packaging and professional photographs on their Instagram. The idea itself for a brand is actually quite brilliant and could be worth a lot if it went through the proper channels of lab testing their THC oil. Only legitimate prefilled THC cartridges are going share their cannabis oil lab test results.

A lab test results should be verifiable from a reputable lab only. There have been black market carts trying to fake lab test results, however, if in doubt contact the lab and they will verify if its real or fake. Although the Dabwoods packaging is some of the nicest we’ve come across yet for carts in the black market, the empty cartridges and packages can be purchased online. This means that there will not be any consistency with flavor and potency from Dabwoods.

Dabwoods Cartridge Update: September 2019

Dabwoods is a THC oil cartridge packaging that has a similar design to the popular Backwoods brand. The Dabwoods brand is not affiliated with Backwoods. The packaging for Dabwoods is being purchased online from Chinese sellers on websites we will not mention. We do not want to promote refilling these cartridges and reselling them. Unfortunately, backwoods packaging is being used by people who are selling untested cannabis oil.

During a time where a lot of young adults and teens alike are dying and ending up in the hospital for serious conditions makes it more of an important time to only buy from licensed dispensaries and weed delivery services. Now it's more important than ever to ensure you're getting a lab-tested THC oil cartridge to avoid health problems. Many people are switching back to herb altogether in the wake of uncertainty to the long term effects of vaping cannabis oil.

Dabwoods is an outlet for operations with a lot of cannabis oil to move their product with an appealing packaging that will help with that. At the end of the day, the black market is not regulated so there is no incentive to keep them honest. Time and time again we have covered THC oil cartridge brands from the street that have been lab-tested and proven by others to be containment with impurities such as pesticides.

Prefilled In California And Exported For Increase Profits

dabwood cartridges

There is too much evidence online, specifically on Instagram, it shows the black market thriving with these packaging. Let me tell you what's happening. It's way more profitable for someone in California to fill these up and send them to Texas or another state that hasn't legalized cannabis yet. The black market is booming as prohibition did for those who sold alcohol illegally. I really believe there is an original Dab Woods and their Instagram is online and they are making a killing because they are only found in the streets where taxes are not collected. There is no official Dabwood cart weedmaps page, another red flag of a street brand prefilled cartridge.

The Market is big enough for everyone else to eat too and their packaging must have been ripped off by the Chinese and resold to criminals who are buying them and refilling them with Vitamin E dilute solutions and causing health problems to people. Please do yourself a favor and do not risk your health for a cheap distillate oil cartridge. You need to understand what distillate is, it's most likely trim extracted with added artificial flavors. There have been complaints about one of the Backwood flavors tasting like cologne. People will get greedy and try and increase their profits with dilutes they are not sure what will it do to their customers.

Dabwoods are known for clogging and being poorly designed CCELL cartridges. We do not recommend buying this unlicensed and untested THC oil cartridge brand.


Dabwoods Cartridges Price

I could not find any Dabwoods for sale in the bay area. There was no cannabis dispensary or delivery service that sold Dabwoods carts. I do understand that the brand is from LA, but I've seen many other prefilled oil cartridges in the bay area from Los Angeles. I did travel pass LA for a music festival this year and was able to get my hands on a Dankwoods cartridge for $30 a gram. Terpene profiles are artificial and mixed with some potent distillate oil. This is your average low-quality untested THC cartridge in the black market.

Dabwoods Cartridges Review

Although it's possible for people to buy the empty vape cartridges and packaging with the Dabwoods branding on it if you can get your hands on the actual product it's not bad. It's also not a great THC cartridge either because there is no proof of it being clean from pesticides. I don't believe the THC content is accurate on Dabwoods, but it's fair for the cheap price. There is a lot of people who have reported headaches from this type of cheap carts. The cannabis oil is much thicker in Dabwoods compared to others such as Mario Carts and Exotic Carts. The Dabwood vape cartridge has some excellent vaping performance better than all the other black market carts.


The flavors available are appealing to those who want a sweet tasting vapor. I was lucky enough to try their Grape, Watermelon, and Russian Cream. I didn't like the Grape, but the Watermelon and Russian Cream were pleasant. They have the following flavors:

  • Grape
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple
  • Vanilla

Dabwoods carts also have backwood flavor options too including the following:

  • Sweet Aromatic
  • Russian Cream
dabwoods vape


We do not recommend vaping dabwoods cartridges, there is no lab test for them and they are not produced by one person. I was surprised of the cannabis oil thickness too, the bubble barely moved when flipped. Please let us know in the comments if you see these carts for sale in a dispensary or deliver service near you. I've seen black market vape cartridges sell in cannabis delivery services.

Let us know in the comments if you tried any Dabwoods carts and what you thought of the flavor. Also let us know where you have seen these oil cartridges for sale and the price. A lot of people will see these prefilled cartridges as a way to save money, however, the long run with possible health side effects from pesticides can end up costing a whole lot more. Therefore, we can’t recommend Dabwood carts until they can prove that each of their strains are clean of impurities and accurate THC content.

Don’t sacrifice your health to save a little bit of money on a Dabwoods cart cartridge when it might cost you a whole lot more in the long run.

Check out this video below we found on Dabwoods being sold by the bulk with fake West Coast Cure cartridges.

Check out this video below we found on Dabwoods being sold by the bulk with fake West Coast Cure cartridges.
This is currently the thickest oil we ever saw on the black market.

Dabwoods Carts Review Score

Cannabis Oil Bubble Test
Weed Oil Potency
Lab Test Available
Lab Test Results
Flavors Taste - Not Good

The best the black market has to offer.

This is currently the thickest oil we ever saw on the black market.

User Rating: 2.88 ( 44 votes)


  • This is what lead me to your website. There is a dispensary near me that id not on Weedmaps. I found it odd at first. I thought maybe because they are new they still are not on the website. Then the shop closed and reopened under new management. They sent out a blast text week weekly specials for the Re-Grand Opening. I thought the price was too good to be true so I looked it up. 5 carts of Dabwood for $100. Same price for Mario Carts, Heavy Hitters, Brass Knuckles, Rove, ect. Thank you for opening my eyes to these products and sketchy disrespectful dispensary. I appreciate your work.
  • Currently smoking the Peaches and cream from them. I didn’t see it on this list of flavors though... everything else looks exactly as you described. It works great, but now I’m concerned it’s fake. I live in TN where it’s illegal but my plug is legit. 
  • Got one I have taken 10+ large hits and feel nothing the flavor I have isn’t even listed it’s honey berry I’m here in dfw don’t waste you’re money 
    • ??? Im currently baked, after 3 hits of honey berry .. Though i was skeptical which is why im even here...but it taste like shit tbh. But def bakked
  • I have a few deadwood vapes the guy we get them from switched from the decent danks to deadwood the peaches n cream tastes great the others weren’t bad .. still have to gather info on potency. I’m in cinci area
  • I have purchased 3 of these carts so far. As its still illegal in my state I have to purchase from a street dealer. But $20 per gram compared to $40 for legit brands was attractive. My first was pineapple, tasted exactly as pineapple and the high was equal to some of the legit carts ive tried. I'm on my second, banana this time. Flavor is tolerable but doesn't taste of described flavor. The thc content seems much less as ive hit it 4-5 times and dont feel like I did from 2 hits of the pineapple. Also the oil is much thinner than pineapple and other brands. So much so that the cart leaks through breather holes and mouthpiece if left on its side for prolonged time. I've also tried a grape a friend had, upon exhale I gagged and almost vomited as it tasted like a stale cigar mixed with a sweaty boot, the foulest flavor thats hit my tastebuds in the whole 31 years of my life. Although disgusting it had a high thc content. Although inconsistent on flavor and thc still the best buzz for the price. I would highly recommend pineapple for flavor and content. 
    • Got the pineapple right now. First one for me by this brand. And will prolly be the only one I get. Usually dank for me but also purchased from a dealer bc it’s illegal in the Boot too. Just got a pineapple flavor cart. Pretty solid. Was unaware of the lack of info on it being all I’ve smoked are Dank Vapes Infinity carts. Both good but this one seems stronger at 85%+ that it claims to be.
  • Just got a pineapple flavor cart. Pretty solid. Was unaware of the lack of info on it being all I’ve smoked are Dank Vapes Infinity carts. Both good but this one seems stronger at 85%+ that it claims to be.
  • flavors should never be mixed in with this type of medicine. that would be like adding kool aid packets to a wine bottle. if this stuff was wine, it would be in plastic 2 litre bottles. notice the packaging says nothing about thc. all it says is 85%+ potency. this stuff is gross tasting since they insist on tainting the natural extracts and it is likely similar to the incense. don't be surprised if you wake up to yourself munching on a hobo's face
  • Just got my first dabwoods grape flavor cartridge from a co-worker. Each time I buy one(first time from co-worker) I look it up to make sure it's not a fake. Bought it for$40 which is regular price around here, sometimes depending on the dealer $50. It's not legal in my state
  • I personally have alot of these dabwoods carts and have smoked many. They are brought to me directly from LA and are brought in with dankwoods blunts. Both are of excellent quality and consistency. In my opinion this article did not help protect very many people simply because now all of the idiots packaging bad carts as dabwoods are going to switch packaging, sell and be fine and the people with real dabwoods will be left to suffer with an overstock. Not to mention that any and ALL carts not sold in a childproof packing are "street carts". This includes cardboard and plastic wrapping, pop open blister packs, and zipper pouches. 
    • author
      We do not encourage buying any Dabwoods, because they are not licensed to manufacture or sell. You will never see a dabwoods cart in a licensed dispensary in California, its a street brand cartridge that should be completely avoided.
  • I bought 4 of these last week- $35 each in the East TN area. Apple tasted ok (mild flavor) and the potency seems on the lower end of average.Banana tasted like banana smells with almost non-existent potency despite the thickness of the liquid.Strawberry tasted good, average strength (all-round midline rating). Honey Berry tasted earthy and sweet with a blue/black berry finish and the strength was three times that of the Strawberry. The Honey Berry was empty first...