Dank Vapes Test For Pesticides And Synthetic Cannabinoids

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June 29, 2019
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Dank vapes is a vape cartridge with cannabis extracted oil inside of it, they also go by the slang names of Dank carts. The hash oil is a distillate extract that is suppose to have 90 plus percent of THC content according to the Dank Vapes packaging. This is not a brand with any headquarters or official website. I reside in California where it has now become legal to purchase cannabis products for recreational use. The illegal cannabis market is getting in on the action with their own branding. These are not good quality vape cartridges and their has recently been a lab test shared showing lead found. Pesticides and synthetic cannabinoids has also been found from independent lab test shared online.

Do not be confused if you find Dank Vape cartridges for sale in a dispensary or delivery service. A lot of unlicensed dispensaries and even delivery services are appearing in places where cannabis is now legal for recreational sales. We found plenty in California operating without the proper license to sell cannabis. A reputable dispensary will have their license available and can be verified via a website tool made by the state. Typically an unlicensed dispensary will carry a bunch of cheap made up brands from the black market.

Also, be careful from buying counterfeit vape cartridges with hash oil. There has been a massive counterfeit issue with well-known THC cartridge brands. Fake THC cartridges exist because people want to pay less for their cannabis oil cartridges than the current legal prices. Some states have even considered lowering the high taxes on cannabis products to counter the fakes flooding the legal market.

Dank Vape Cartridges Lab Test Shared Online

The cannabis online community has stepped it up and took the expense to get lab test results for Dank Vape cartridges. We decided to keep track of every single Dank Vapes lab test results and list it here. These are authentic results that can be verified online or via a phone call to the actual lab.

Dank Vapes fail lab test for pesticides dank vape cartridge fails 9 pesticides most recent lab test results for dank vapes cartridge

Dank Vape Carts Review

dank vapes review

After trying a few Dank Vape cartridges I was nowhere near impressed with the quality. The distillate oil moved faster than any other brand bought from a licensed dispensary. I can not recommend Dank Vape cartridges as a premium cannabis oil cartridge. The high is nowhere close to an actual distillate with 90% THC content. While Dank Vapes can provide a small head change, it's not enough of a high and it will keep you wanting to puff frequently.

I am not a fan of having to keep hitting a vape cartridge a lot, this is why I prefer high THC content products that have verified by a lab.

There is now too much evidence that has been shared online proving that Dank Vape Carts are nothing more than a way to make money off those who can’t afford to buy from licensed dispensaries. The only one good thing about the Dank Vape carts was the tasty terpene profiles, their Jack Herer tasted better than some actual licensed cannabis oil cartridges.

Dank Vape Packaging For Sale Online

Dank Vape Packaging

It's quite possible that the Dank Vape cartridges for sale in your area have been made with homemade cannabis oil. The Dank Vape packaging is available for sale on eBay and even seen briefly on Amazon. The biggest supplier of Dank Vape packaging is from China. We suspect that the creators behind Dank Vapes are buying their packaging from China which is then quickly ripped off by the Chinese and then resold.

Official Dank Vapes Website

Do not be fooled by the many official Dank Vape websites appearing online. There is no actual Dank Vapes company, it's just a made up brand designed to be appealing towards cannabis smokers. A lot of these Dank Vape websites are trying to sell their low-quality distillate oil cartridges online. We want to strongly discourage buying the Dank Vapes brand from anywhere.

Do not be fooled by any dank vape cartridges review found online talking about they are real and fake dank vape carts going around. The Dank vapes brand is not legally selling cannabis oil and should not be purchased to avoid health problems.

Do Not Buy Dank Vape Cartridges

dank vapes for sale

I've seen Dank vape carts for sale from people on Instagram from $10-$30 for an entire 1.1 gram of 90% THC distillate. Avoid these carts at all cost, they are garbage and much more harmful than cannabis with pesticides. A concentrated amount of pesticides inhaled can cause health issues. Do not be fooled by the convincing high Dank Vapes packaging, its design was made to appeal and deceive.

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