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Dime Industries Review THC Oil Cartridge Built For Huge Hits

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July 17, 2019
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This Dime Industries review was made possible thanks to them for providing us with their prefilled cartridges and vape pen. I was instantly impressed by the cartridge design from Dime Industries. It was thanks to weedmaps that I was able to discover them. I reached out and requested product in exchange for a review and entry into our 2019 best THC cartridge tournament. They did a great job at creating an appealing packaging for their prefilled cartridges. What's more impressive are the actual hits, tasty distillate, and potency.

dime industries review

Dime Industries is a Southern California company who is entering the bay area cannabis market. They provide a premium distillate THC oil because cannabis-derived terpenes are used instead of any artificial flavoring. This is a real connoisseur prefilled cartridge that is best enjoyed using low voltage between 2-3 at the highest. They are making a name for themselves online acquiring many positive feedback on their weedmaps page, currently, their overall rating is nearly all positive with a score of 4.8/5.

Dime industries flavors

I met with Alejandro, their only contact on the ground in the bay area and was given 3 full gram cartridges along with a disposable prefilled vape pen, and vape battery. The three full gram cartridges included Strawberry Cough, Bubble Gum OG, Wedding cake, and Apple Gelato. Upon inspecting the cartridges I notice two of them had leaked out. It was a hot day and I was informed they were left in a car.

Dime Industries Cartridge Review

dime industries cartridge review

The Dime Industries cartridge does not have an identification mark showing who made it. Its design is different than all the other current vape cartridges for cannabis extracted oil. It has a metal mouthpiece that can easily be removed by twisting off. This means these cartridges can be easily refilled with cannabis oil. The design of this vape cartridge flawlessly produces vapor out of the distillate oil. Effortlessly achieve huge clouds that will quickly acquire a nice strong high with these cartridges.

Forbidden Fruit

Get ready for just a hint of sweetness packed with an instant high. I really enjoyed vaping their Forbidden fruit cartridge on low voltage. Super smooth loaded with THC that gives you where your trying to go. I can focus and get work done while vaping Dime Industries cartridges. I've tried the Forbidden Fruit strain from many other different prefilled cartridge companies, Dime Industries is by far my favorite right after Brass Knuckles. Although the Brass Knuckles vape cartridge has a ton of controversial, they are masters of their craft with terpenes. The same can be said with Dime Industries, they have outdone themselves with their flavors from naturally derived terpenes.

Strawberry Cough

dime industries strawberry cough cartridge

Enjoy the fresh tasting hint of strawberries and smoothness. The flavor really is just barely there and loaded with strength that follows soon after. The THC content in these Dime Industries cartridges are felt within seconds. The stoner with a high tolerance will appreciate prefilled cartridges from Dime Industries.

Bubble Gum Kush

I've actually smoked the bubblegum kush strain weed before and was surprised to see this on their menu. The cannabis plant really is spectacular in the flavors it can recreate naturally and that's seen with this flavor. The familiar taste of pink bazooka bubble gum is present with this prefilled cartridge option. The terpene profiles where exactly how I remember them. I highly recommend this Indica option from Dime Industries.

I ran into somebody who saw that I had a Dime Industries cartridge and he told me he used their Bubble Gum strain to go to sleep. I highly recommend it for people who need help going to sleep too.

Wedding Cake

Dime Industries cartridge wedding cake flavor

Actually reminds me of a sweet taste similar to cake. Not my favorite among the rest but I am sure others will be a fan if they're into sweets. Nonetheless, potent and much better than the pound cake from Plug Play vape which I disliked a lot.

Apple Gelato

Apple Gelato

This is my favorite among the other three flavors I tried. This one stood out among the rest because of how amazing this isn’t artificial, and instead naturally derived terpenes from cannabis. The cannabis plant is truly amazing at all the available possible profile flavors that exist with it and the proof is with the Apple Gelato flavor from Dime Industries. The taste of sweet green apple jolly ranchers is what I was reminded of when vaping the Apple Gelato disposable vape pen.

We recommend staying up to date directly from Dime Industries by following their Instagram. They currently have quite a following with 55,000 followers. Their official website is www.dime.industries.

Dime Industries Vape Pen Review

dime industries vape pen review back of dime industries vape pen box

Their vape pen design has a great look and isn’t tiny enough where it can easily be lost, it's bigger than the typical vape pen size because of its 650mah power capacity. This vape pen has enough power to vape a Dime Industries gram cartridge on a full charge. Unfortunately, there isn’t the function to change the temperature setting, its set at a 4.2v. The Dime Industries vape pen hits huge clouds with their prefilled cartridges that look like tanks.

I consider myself someone who favors the ability to take huge clouds from thick cannabis oil. Their vape pen and cartridges are a great combination set up for people like me looking for big hits with high THC content. Although their vape pen is more than sufficient at producing some sizable hits, I prefer the ability to have the option for low and high voltage hits. I recommend vaping their vape cartridges between 2-3 volts for those who are flavor chasers.

I want to give a major thanks to Mario, their creative director for making this review possible.

One comment

  • I do love the design of DIME INDUSTRIES CATRIDGES. And pureness of THC OIL. For the consideration of users, if the disadvantages like clogging with the cartridges, no optional temperature setting on the vape pen can be solved, i'm surely DIME will definitely gain more reputations and users compared with Chil Cartridges. Besides CCELL, there are many other professional manufacturers with good capacity and design ability but better price for the production in shenzhen, china. for example, transpiring.com . anyone who need a consult and design & production of your cartridges, pls feel free to advise me : ellipsis@transpring.com