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Trying to figure out which the best Bay Area Dispensaries and delivery services can be a time-consuming task. The cannabisthrives.com team is from the bay area, we have visited many of them after living here for over 10 plus years. Avoid spending too much time reading through the many different experiences on weed maps from the vast selection of cannabis retailers. We have developed the ultimate list of the best cannabis delivery services and dispensaries in the Bay Area. Learn from our experience after putting some of the highest-rated dispensary stores and delivery services on weedmaps to the test.

Living in the bay area is incredible for people who use cannabis products. The neighborhood cannabis dealer has evolved into legal storefronts with access to lab-tested cannabis products in California. I had the privilege to visit some really outstanding dispensaries in the bay area that are known nationwide such as Harborside in Oakland California. If you got the chance to visit the bay area than consider it a real privilege if your a marijuana user because some of the best cannabis products and stores are here.

Best Bay Area Dispensaries

The headquarters of Cannabisthrives.com is located in the heart of the Bay, which is Hayward. This allows us access to the best Bay area dispensaries and the worst. We have driven to San Francisco and visited the same bay area dispensary as the famous rapper two chains, he was unfortunately shot at the green door dispensary. I personally visited the famous Harborside in Oakland before it became available for recreational purchases from people over 21 years old. Get the insight from a Bay Area native about the best dispensaries for weed, concentrate, vape cartridges, and edibles.

Purple Lotus Patient Center – #1 Best Bay Area Dispensary

purple lotus cannabis dispensary

Located in San Jose, California is the Purple Lotus Patient Center. Walking into this dispensary is an experience familiar to visiting an Apple store. The atmosphere is a modern-day cannabis dispensary. Their menus are tablets and easy to navigate. This bay area dispensary is a must-visit for anyone who wants the best prices around without sacrificing quality. They give back to their customers with different promotions each day. These deals are actually worth waiting for because of the substantial savings provided on different types of cannabis products.

Let’s break down the Purple Lotus Patient Center promotions for the week below:

  • Sunday – 10% Discount For All CBD Products
  • Monday – 20% OFF entire store Happy Hour from 9 am to 11 am and again at 2-4 pm.
  • Wednesday – Happy hour discount for 20% OFF entire store from 9 am-11 am and again at 2 pm-6 pm
  • Thursday- 20% OFF All Vape cartridges and Prerolls for the entire day
  • Fresh Drop Friday – Free Food And New Strains Dropped For Trying

Prices are affordable and competitive for being in the Bay Area, it’s worth the drive for the savings if you’re nearby.

Dispensary Recommend for its daily deals with quality cannabis products.

Harborside Oakland California

harborside bay area dispensary
best dispensary for clones in the bay area
– Best Dispensary In Bay Area For Premium Cannabis And Clones

This place reminds me of an Apple store too, but instead of apple products its cannabis. I highly recommend Harborside for their premium cannabis and clone selection. They have some of the best strains in California. The staff here are all very kind and knowledgeable about their stuff. Harborside has gone beyond the normal dispensary services and offers massages too.

I really like the layout of this store because they have vape cartridges and cannabis concentrate behind glass cases which can easily be browsed by walking around inside. Their cannabis strains are also behind glass cases and easily accessible to see what’s available for sale. This is also any cannabis growers paradise with the vast selection of impressive strain options. Expect to find well-known strains that have earned their right to be here with cannabis cup wins and known globally.

Highly recommend for their premium clone options and cannabis for sale.

Best Cannabis Delivery Services In The Bay Area

There are more delivery services in the Bay Area than there are dispensaries. The reason is because of the cheaper cost to operate. We tried out all of the highest-rated that we could find online and put them to the test! A great delivery service has great cannabis products with affordable prices and great customer service. After spending a couple of years trying different weed delivery services in the Bay Area, we have compiled a list of the best below.

HellaPaxx – Best Weed Delivery In The Bay Area

best weed delivery service in the bay area

This weed delivery service in the Bay Area focuses on only premium cannabis products for sale. They have fast delivery times with outstanding customer service. They do not carry any products that have been exposed for having pesticides. Buy only high-quality cannabis products from Hellapaxx such as the Plug Play vape cartridge which won 1st place in our last year’s best THC oil cartridge list. Their cannabis selection includes the Connected and Alien labs brands, both well known for this premium grown weed. They are the only cannabis delivery service around with a perfect 5-star review on their WeedMaps page.

10 Collective – Best Cannabis Delivery Service With Affordable and Premium Products

best cannabis delivery bay area

This is the weed delivery service you want to try out if you’re in the bay area. They serve Hayward, Union City, Fremont, Menlo Park, and the surrounding areas. They have an incredible selection of well-known premium THC oil cartridge brands and cannabis. The prices are competitive and thus more affordable with the same brands selling higher with other cannabis delivery services. I highly recommend their Raw Garden cartridges which have a live resin distillate. They also have Pure one vape which we rewarded as the 2nd best THC oil cartridge in 2018. Check out their menu by visiting the 10 Collective website and place your order on there too.

The cannabis selection is truly a premium line up and highly recommended for any tourist visiting here. If you’re not from California your in for the absolute best experience while here if you follow our recommendations. Visit 10 Collective website to see their current menu and also place your order on there.

Green Door SF Dispensary & Delivery Service

greendoor san Francisco dispensary

Ive been a customer of the Green Door Dispensary in San Francisco since I was 21 years old. That was over a decade ago and they are still thriving in San Francisco with some of the best cannabis and concentrate products. This is one of the very few places that have actual authentic White Runtz strain available for sale at $80 an eighth. This is currently one of the hottest cannabis strains available in the bay area that many dispensaries and delivery services do not have available on their menu. As we mentioned above, the popular hip hop artist 2 chains experienced someone trying to rob him by gunpoint while visiting this dispensary. I never encountered any safety issues shopping at this dispensary, however, I suggest coming along with friends to enjoy their smoking lounge.

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