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Doja App Instagram Shares Their Paid Lab Test Results For Many Cannabis products

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Doja is the company behind the Doja app and has built its community-forum-based app with one goal in mind: To help you “find cannabis products others are talking about”. An interesting tagline that you can find on the Doja app website along with links to get the app on the Google Play or Apple App store.

The majority of the content on the app is community-based, meaning that any old John or Jane can put a review on there, and it’s live for all to see. From the start, reputability is in question for me. I don’t know these people, and the app doesn’t give me a way to view these authors profiles so that I can get a better idea of where they get their information.

To build on that even more, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for to begin with. It’s got an Instagram scroll experience that doesn’t translate well for weed reviews that look like reddit thread posts with less detail. I will say, though, that legit plug has been posting a lot so if you do decide to confuse yourself about what third-rate cannabis products are out there and get this app, give them a follow. Oh wait… you can’t.

There’s a super helpful trending tab that shows you all of the hot products that people have been reviewing lately. I took a look at the Nuinstmber 1 trending product: 50mg CBD Drops by Wally Drops, and found a Category: Edibles/Candy, and 50mg CBD in the “Product Details” section. Nothing else. This is kinda where I fell off.

Doja Instagram

doja instagram

I gave it one more shot though and headed over to their Instagram page @thedojaapp. This place was TOTALLY different than any of the other experiences I had on the web or even their flagship app. It’s got a huge list of products that have been tested for pesticides. They’ve got a LOT of stuff on there as well. One of which is the 3 pack of Backwoods Sweet Aromatic that apparently passes for having no pesticides.

I thought it was absolute bologna until I swiped right and… BAM! test result screenshots from Belcosta Labs. I took a look at the Lab website information and from what I can tell, they’re pretty reliable. This is the same experience I got for multiple products like popular Dank Vapes and Mario Carts concentrate cartridges that have been going sour lately. Both of which by the way has tested positive for pesticides.

If this boasts anything for Doja it’s that their Instagram is their strong point. Important safety information for you and I, with a reliable resource to back it up. Keep it up Doja. I’ll keep checking back in to see what other products they test because I do like to know if there are pesticides or other bits of nonsense in my cannabis.

Go ahead and check out the Doja Instagram (@thedojaapp) and see what they’re posting. As for the website and app, maybe give it some time to develop before using it for safety tips and info.

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