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Fake Dr Zodiak Moon Rock Clear Cart

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Update: September.19.2019

We reached out to the weed delivery service Top Shelf Delivery about our concerns about their Moon Rocks Clear carts not being real. They quickly have removed it from their Menu. We had requested they provide us with one for sampling and they ignored our questions.

silver back cleart cart

After too long of a wait we decided to do a Dr Zodiak Moon Rock Clear cartridge review. We also made sure we bought the same new Silver Back Clear cartridge with its new packaging from Top Shelf Delivery, a weed delivery service in the bay area. We gave them a call with our concerns and was directed to send our questions via email. This Silver Back Clear THC oil cartridge by Dr. Zodiak reports having over a minimum of 90% THC, and they do not have any proof available. Any prefilled cartridges claiming to have this large quantity of THC without any lab test results are typically lying. We decided to try out their Silverback Clear option that ran us $55 for the gram before tax. After the first hit of it, we were all disappointed in the taste and strength.

silver back clear packaging

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of praise for Dr Zodiak Clear cartridges online so were expecting something good. However, we now suspect these praises online are sponsored. We read the reviews for the Silver Back Clear option on weedmaps before buying it. None of the 5-star reviews describing its awesome flavor and strength were accurate with our experience. Keep reading to find out why Dr Zodiak Moon Rock Clear Cartridges are nothing but hype and have no verifiable lab test results. They currently have 62,000 Instagram followers, their official website link can be found on their IG profile.

Dr Zodiak Cartridge Flavor

moon rock clear cartridge review

Living in the bay area has allowed me access to premium THC cartridges such as Raw Garden and Pure One Vape, both much more superior prefilled hash oil cartridge options. I enjoy vaping THC oil cartridges at a low to medium temperature. The average voltage I used this Silverback Clear cartridge was 2.5-3 volts. The taste was almost absent but had a vague flavor of tap water. This was a major disappointment because I read many positive reviews on weedmaps about its flavor. It's not difficult to leave reviews on that weedmaps, anyone with an email can sign up and drop a review.

Dr Zodiak Silver back cartridge

The taste was overall faint but still not pleasant. This Dr Zodiak cartridge flavor had to be one of the worst distillate and terpene combinations I've ever tried. I am starting to notice a trend with these heavily invested in marketing THC cartridges, typically these are the trash carts. The more marketing a THC oil cartridge has usually resulted in it being terrible. These THC cartridge companies need to focus more on improving the quality of their products instead of focusing on selling their low-quality cartridges. We’ve noticed that actual good THC oil cartridge brands focus less on their branding and have a simple design usually are great quality.

Moon Rock Clear Cartridge Strength

moon rock clear

The strength feels diluted and does not compare to actual lab tests THC oil cartridges such the absolutextracts in the picture above which tested at much less THC content. Raw Garden and Pure One cartridges are additional options available for cheaper prices than Dr Zodiak Moonrock cartridges and provide much more superior effects. We have an upcoming top 10 best-prefilled cartridges releasing this year and will not be including the Dr Zodiak Cartridge brand. Unfortunately, we can not recommend the Silver Back Moonrock Clear cartridge. This brand is using the same type of cartridges as Dank Vapes, these carts are known for clogging and not being the best quality. We encourage our readers to leave their own Dr Zodiak Moonrock cartridge review in the comments.

Fake Dr Zodiak Cartridges

fake dr zodiak moonrock clear cartridges

The two biggest Chinese marketplaces online both have counterfeit Dr Zodiak cartridges and packaging for sale.

View this post on Instagram We bought a @silverbackclear @drzodiak_ @moonrocks1.2 and it tasted like tap water and was super weak. What’s going on?? Looks like a real box too!? A post shared by Cannabis Thrives (@cannabisthrives) on Sep 1, 2019 at 3:29pm PDT
Aweful taste from the Silver Back clear cartridge. Can't recommend this one even for half the cost.

Terrible Taste

Taste - Like tap water
Strength - Medium strength
Price - $55 is a rip off
Lab Test - None Available
Cartridge- Hits tasted terrible on normal temptertures I used for other brands.

Weak strength and bad taste

Aweful taste from the Silver Back clear cartridge. Can't recommend this one even for half the cost.

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