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We picked this new compact conduction vaporizer from the Ikrusher office in Richmond California. Also known as ALD, Ikrusher is well known for its popular Vfire hash oil vape pen. They told us that it was their only one, but they would sell it to us so we could write a review on it. The new Shark portable vaporizer for cannabis from Ikrusher is not the same as others on the market. Ikrusher has improved on the portable dry herb vaporizer design, improving upon its vaping efficiency. They did so with the introduction of an extra aluminum heating chamber for the cannabis.

shark vaporizer for weed

This aluminum compartment for finely broken down weed makes a huge difference in the speed of vapor production and consistent quality. I wasn’t expecting the Shark to be such a terrific portable dry herb vaporizer, it completely blew away my expectations for it.

shark weed vaporizer
ikrusher shark weed vaporizer

I allowed a friend to try vaping from the Shark weed vaporizer and he quickly commented about how it reminded him of the famous Volcano Vaporizer. We can’t encourage enough trying top-shelf cannabis with this weed vaporizer, the flavor is amazing even on high with dense clouds.


Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

ikrusher shark review

avb from shark

The high from vaping my top shelf weed with the Shark was a nice intense session. One session with the Ikrusher Shark and some home grown Purple Punch was enough to keep me high for a while. I am a huge fan of this portable weed vaporizer because of how effective it is at providing a smooth vapor too. The airflow is another great feature from the Shark along with the nice ceramic mouthpiece.


I’ve tried many portable vaporizers for weed and this is by far one of the best. The design itself is similar to other cannabis vaporizers with the ceramic heating chamber, however, cannabis is not directly inserted there with the Ikrusher Shark. The genius is their aluminum container for the cannabis that is sealed and has holes on the top and bottom, this lets the cannabis heat up much quicker and evenly.


There is no need for stirring cannabis during vaping sessions. My favorite temperature was the highest at 518 F degrees. This vaporizer can get hot when using on its highest temperature, I suggest letting cool down before using again for another session. Although this temperature is considered high for vaping, it provided the dense vapor I was looking for without any harshness. There are 4 temperatures available that can easily be switched to by clicking on the power button 3 times. The lowest temperature is optimal for producing some really tasty vapor.

Temperatures include:

  • 410F – 210C
  • 446F – 230C
  • 482F-250C
  • 518F-270C


Another reason why we loved this portable vaporizer for weed is that its so easy to keep clean. Having the cannabis sealed in a detachable aluminum heating chamber prevents mess inside of the vaporizer. It’s also extremely easy to remove from the aluminum heating chamber. Cleaning the mouthpiece and screens easy and the only part that will get gunked up. Soaking in alcohol will restore the screens and mouthpiece right back to new!

Ikrusher Shark Battery Life

battery life

We got plenty of uses from a full charge of battery for the Ikrusher Shark weed vaporizer. It will take 2 hours to fully charge. Once it completely drained of power, a quick 10-minute charge was sufficient to get a session out of it on high. The charging port the commonly used micro-usb connection. The design of the battery has a carbon fiber fabric which gives it a premium feel to it. Outstanding portable dry herb vaporizer we highly approve of after putting it to the test of many grams of top shelf weed.

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