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Eaze Promo Code First Time Users For October 2019

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An Eaze Promo Code first time users can use is available right now for a limited time. This Eaze coupon code can save new users $20 off their first purchase in the month of July 2019! Eaze has established themselves as a reliable cannabis delivery service so much that they are giving away $20 off promo codes. The use of cannabis for recreational purposes has become a trend that continues to increase in popularity. We have also been living in time period where shopping online is an increasingly popular trend.

eaze promo code 2019

Since both these changes have impacted our lifestyles, we searched for a company that joins both popular trends. After much research we tried out Eaze, a cannabis delivering service that offers a wide range of THC cannabis products. To our surprise we were satisfied by many of the products and the professional delivery, therefore we wanted to provide information on this company for our readers to have a go at it for themselves. However, keep in mind that Eaze has both great and negative reviews, like any new and upcoming business regularly has, so if you have any comments or further information whether it is good or bad please let us know.

Eaze Promo Code For Existing Patients June 2019

Eaze Promo Code First Time User

There is currently no Eaze discount codes for existing patients. However, check back here another time to see if some are released. We will update any current savings here for new and existing patients.

Where Does Eaze Deliver?

Eaze originated in California, so for our Californians, you should expect delivery service covering a large part of California including the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County. Currently, you can receive on-demand delivery service in California and Oregon, meaning you will receive your order within hours of your request.  When we tried it in the Bay Area the delivery was quicker than expected and we received everything we ordered in less than an hour, some products were even delivered within 30 minutes. All other states, excluding Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and Ohio, may receive hemp-derived CBD-only products delivered to their preferred location within 4 to 6 days.

What Kind of cannabis products are delivered?

There is a wide range of THC cannabis products that are delivered by Eaze. Fortunately, all products sold on their site have gone through an assessment by Eaze which makes sure that the offered products are legal, licensed and tested. This is amazing for the cannabis market we are currently shopping in. Currently, we must conduct extensive research and hope to receive legitimate products because with the internet individuals have been able to counterfeit cannabis products. Not only have people fallen victim to paying a large sum of money for counterfeits but they have also unknowingly purchased products with dangerous toxic elements.

Eaze removes these concerns and fears. Secondly, Eaze’s cannabis come in a diverse range of products. You can purchase 1-gram cartridges, vaporizer cartridges, pens, flowers, edibles, bath and body care products such as oils and Epsom mineral salt, concentrates and pre-roll packs. You also have the option in buying accessories for your consumption of cannabis such as batteries, rolling paper, lighters, jars, grinders, and pipes. Therefore, you basically can buy everything you need for cannabis in one-go on Eaze and have it all shipped to you or personally delivered as you take care of other errands and responsibilities or simply as you relax at home. To test out the quality of the products and accessories we made some personal purchases that included the Malibu OG heavy hitter, a flower, and an edible.

There is always new cannabis products frequently listed on Eaze.com. Using our Eaze promo code first-time users can try popular cannabis strains and extracts for a discounted price. This Eaze coupon will not last forever. These discounts are good anywhere Eaze is available including Calfornia and San Diego.

Malibu OG

Heavy Hitters vape cartridge for sale

This Indica strain has 87% THC and 1% CBD and hits hard, giving you an extremely intense high within seconds. This high makes you feel extremely relaxed and at peace, so if you are suffering from lack of sleep, anxiety or pain we highly recommend this oil if you are a usual cannabis user. However, if you are barely starting to consume cannabis please stay away from this high potency because it can, and has been reported, to make new smokers sick. While the potency’s effects met our expectation, our high was stronger than other OG strains we have tried. It seems to have partly occurred because of the ceramic cartridges that distills the oil beyond the common standard of distillation.  The oil in the heavy hitter is purified to an extent that increases the strength of the oil you are vaping. You will also get a sweet citrus flavor from this oil, so if you like tropical flavors, we recommend this oil.

Lemon Tree Flower

lemon tree eaze

This sativa hybrid was flavorful and had one of the strongest lemon citrus flavorings that we have tasted. It also gives a nice euphoric feeling after a few hits and within a few minutes. Its potency is 24% THC and the euphoria you feel with this flower reaches the expectations a person will have with this potency. Note: There is a wide range of flavors, strains, hybrids, and potency. You will most likely find what you are looking for or cravings, just make sure to slowly take your hits or only take short hits because most of the strains are potent and caters to people who have been smoking often or for a long period of time.

Bliss 50 doses

bliss vape for sale

We know people like to smoke cannabis for different reasons, whether recreational, for medical purposes, emotional or physical issues. Since we wanted to cater to all reasonings behind consuming weed, we decided to have multiple people join us in testing out the bliss 50 doses. We got friends that felt a range of emotions distinct to most participants and found that the Bliss formula led nearly each person into feeling relaxes, happy and uplifted. This product has 66% THC and 7% CBD, coupled with terpene and terpinolene, delivering the effect of bliss that it advertises through its title. Another benefit we found in this product is the built of the product that controls the delivery of the dosage and airflow.

Terra Milk Chocolate Blueberries

Out of the edibles we have tried from Eaze we have to say that by far the best has been the blueberries. First, if you are first timer or semi-new to smoking weed or consuming edibles, this would be a good product to eat because you will know that each bite has 5mg of THC, making each tin filled with about 100mg THC. They are dried out blueberries covered in milk chocolate with a hybrid Indica-Sativa cannabis extract. You can barely taste the weed infused and get more of a blueberry fruity flavor. The feeling you get will depend on how many bites you eat. If you decide to take one you will just feel good in the sense of feeling relaxed. If you want a stronger feeling that is more focused on a body-high then you should at least take two or more.

From our testing the products deliver good quality cannabis and a wide range that helps us with all our needs. Luckily, ordering something illegitimate will not occur through Eaze because it has become a platform where licensed companies that create cannabis products or sell weed have been able to put their products online. According to delivery protocols and information, Eaze also carries out the responsibility in only delivering legal products within the city where your delivery address is located. So don’t worry about buying something illegal to your local laws. 

How to Order Eaze Products?

The process to order these products were as easy as purchasing any other online product. Eaze allows you to purchase your THC products through a phone application or through their website on your computer as long as you input your valid cannabis card information. You just type in your address of preferred delivery and they will automatically direct you to their menu of products. From there you choose what you want to purchase and place the order. Your order will then be delivered within 4-5 days or same day depending on your adadress. To make sure your delivery preferences are met the deliverer will text or call you to let update you about the delivery time of your product. Keep in mind that they also have constant promo codes and they will give you $20 off your first order. Make sure to remember to enter the code before you submit your order.

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