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Eden Extracts Diamond Cartridge Review

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August 27, 2019
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Eden Extracts was founded in Oakland, California. We were able to meet up with them at their headquarters there, which wasn’t too far from our own. They provided us with a couple of their Diamond cartridges so that we could write an in-depth review of them for our readers. While there, we picked their brains with many questions about their premium cartridge option. We asked if they were considering a prefilled syringe option which we learned they were not at this time.

We also asked why they didn’t go with popular cartridge brand options such as CCELL or Ikrusher. They informed us that they wanted to make sure their product was of the highest standard, and to do so they had to take it inhouse. Shortly after leaving their office I decided to try out their Sunset Sherbet cartridge. I took one full draw until the vape pen blinked and the Hybrid effects were felt instantly and intense. This is one of the smoothest hitting cannabis oil cartridges on low voltages, 3 volts is recommended. They separate themselves with a with distillate oil that has been refined 20 times. Strain-specific terpenes are reintroduced into the THC oil which gives it a hint of color.

Eden Extracts Cartridge Review

eden extracts diamonds cartridge

We have tried their more affordable THC oil cartridge option that retails for $25 a half gram before tax. Although the vape pen for their affordable option doesn’t hit as good as a CCELL, it still performed great with low voltage hits. Their distillate oil is not the same the majority available from different brands. In fact, this cartridges cannabis oil was so great we ranked it on our best Dab Carts 2019 list. Out of 10 we ranked their cheaper prefilled cartridge option 6th place. We are sure if they were to switch to a CCELL Dart Pod or Vfire, they would easily be ranked much higher.

After trying out their Diamond cartridge option, we decided to keep them ranked 4th place among the 9 other THC cartridges on the list. The reason is that although their cannabis oil cartridge hits like a champ, it's not efficient for huge clouds and leaves a bit of a burnt taste.

eden extracts packaging

We really respect their in-house vape cartridge design and their extraordinary THC oil. The airflow is very efficient its easy to take big hits. Towards the end of the cartridge, there was some clogging, but no oil ever reached my mouth. A bit of a harder pull will easily unclog the Eden Extracts cartridge when clogged. We used their vape pen on the red setting and easily accomplished a huge hit, but was left with a bit of an aftertaste that wasn’t pleasant. We preferred taking hits with a precise voltage vape battery and preferred 3 voltages for some tasty hits from their THC oil cartridge without the hint of burnt after taste.

Super Clean Distillate Oil

eden extracts cartridge review eden extracts diamond cartridge

Eden Extracts are prefilled with some of the cleanest THC oil, and most effective. Their Diamond cartridge was designed with a reverse airflow which cools down the vapor. The first hits we took on their Diamond cartridge was flawless. The vapor was cooler than other 510 prefilled cartridges we tried from other brands. The Diamond Eden Extracts cartridge makes it easy for huge hits comparable to a wax dab with little effort. We tried two of their Diamond cartridges which both had close to 80% THC content.

Eden Extracts Is Super Strong

eden extracts thc

Their Zkittlez Diamond cartridge had 79.1% THC, and their Sunset Sherbet Diamond cartridge had 77.04% THC content. Both of these prefilled cartridges hit stronger than many other cannabis oil cartridges we tried with much higher THC content. Taking a huge hit of a Diamond cartridge will really leave you as high a taking a dab. Their distillate oil is extremely potent and fast activating. The flavors were pure dank, and will remind you of some tasty premium cannabis.

eden extracts cartridge

The Sunset Sherbet gave a strong body and mind high. While their Skittlez Diamond cartridge provided some of the most effective Indica properties I have ever encountered. I found myself fighting back against going to sleep after one two many hits, which is exactly the same results that can happen from dabs.

Effective Pain Relief

One of the cannabisthrives.com partners recently had a tooth implant. He was prescribed pain meds which affected his stomach in a negative way. They also didn’t completely suppress the pain for too long. Taking a couple of hits of an Eden Extracts cartridge after 48 hours of his surgery helped in reducing the pain with the meds.

I decided for this Eden extracts cartridge review that I would put it to the test by going on a 3-mile hike up a mountain. This hiking trail will challenge you with its incline that makes every step feel very heavy. This hike will work out muscles you never knew you had, I was exhausted and sore after I reached the top. Taking a few puffs of the Eden Extracts cartridge brought instant relief to my soreness and helped re-energized me for the way down.

We are huge fans of their cannabis oil and would love to see a collaboration with the CCELL dart pod. We are confident their oil would perform better in our top 10 list with a CCELL Dart Pod or Vfire Pod.

Eden Extracts Diamond Cartridge Review Score

THC Oil Strength - Super strong
Flavor - Super tasty on low temps
Diamond Cartridge Review - Big Clouds but would prefer a CCELL Dart pod or 510 thread CCELL cartridge.
Lab Test - Clean
Price - $55 A Half gram for super strong THC oil is worth it.

Incredible THC Oil

We are huge fans of their cannabis oil and would love to see a collaboration with the CCELL dart pod. We are confident their oil would perform better in our top 10 list with a CCELL Dart Pod or Vfire Pod.

User Rating: 4.43 ( 2 votes)

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