Korova is known for having some potent and tasty edibles. We got Korova mini cookies from a verified seller (Hellapaxx) on weedmaps. There were some things we liked and disliked about these cannabis-infused edibles. However, overall these THC infused cookies tasted great and the effects were felt among the people who tried them. This Korova Mini Cookies review was done so with multiple people trying it. We let two people who have never smoked in their entire lives try out a cookie each. Daily cannabis users also tried these edibles out from Korova, and we share all of their experiences below.

Cookies Taste

Korova Mini Cookies Review

The fact that there is only 10mg per Korova Mini Cookie really helped with virtually no taste of the THC. This cookie really tasted great, it reminded me of any cookies you could buy from the store. I found myself eating another Mini Cookie shortly after my first. They are soft to bite into and make a great treat for anyone who is seeking a good night’s rest. A 100mg THC bag of Korova Mini Cookies cost $20.00, and includes 10 doses each.


korova double chocolate review

Distillate oil is used to infuse the Korova Mii Cookies. It’s always important to take a closer look these days at the ingredients of edibles. The Korova Mini Cookies had some good ingredients such as Iron, Cocoa Butter, Brown Sugar, and semi-sweet Chocolate Pudding mix. All of these ingredients made these edibles taste great. However, there was also ingredients we didn’t like such as RED 40, YELLOW 5, Blue 1, artificial coloring.

THC Cookie Potency 10mg Each

Let’s first start off with someone who is a frequent cannabis user. I am someone who vapes THC cartridges multiple times in the day and occasionally takes bong hits too. I decided to take eat two 10mg cookies from Korova at the end of my night. I ended up passing out two laters on the couch I was sitting.

Never Smoked Cannabis Before

If you have never smoked weed before, don’t worry because we had two people try these cookies who have 0 experience smoking marijuana. We had a young lady who was 23 years old eat one cookie, and she said she felt the effects within an hour. She could feel a relaxation with her muscles and she got a bit tired too. The second person we had to try one cookie was a 50-year-old gentleman who said he felt relief with his pains and compared to a pain killer it was a different kind of relief, he liked this different kind of relief. He said it felt an improved blood circulation that relieved his pain in his feet and shoulders. One cookie for the inexperienced cannabis smoker is plenty to consume.

If you have tried these edibles before please share your own Korova Mini Cookies review in the comments below. We want to give a shout out to Hellapaxx.com, a local weed delivery service in the Bay Area with outstanding reviews on weedmaps.com. They provided us with some Korova to try out and see what we thought about this local brand and we became fans.

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