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Exotic Carts Cartridges Is Another Fake THC Oil Cart Brand

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August 18, 2019
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The Exotic Carts cartridge brand is nothing more than a made-up cannabis oil cartridge company. As cannabis markets become legalized and commercialized, the illegal cannabis markets have also begun branding themselves. There is also a lot of money involved in the selling of packaging for cannabis products. The capitalist in China is supplying counterfeits of the packaging of popular THC oil brands. Along with these counterfeits are made up brands such as Exotic carts.

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The orders of these appealing cannabis oil cartridge packaging have massive sales. We know because these sales are displayed on each item. When searching for Exotic carts on one of the Chinese market places we were presented with close to 2,889 results. In these results was the well-known street cartridge organic smart cartridges with an impressive close to half a million worth of sales. These packaging costs as little as 0.5-24 cents each and is available in amounts up to 10,000.

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You can’t trust Exotic carts or any other prefilled cartridge that doesn’t provide proof they are clean from a reputable lab. There is now too much evidence available exposing Exotic cart cartridges and others similar to being lower than advertised THC content. These lab tests also exposed Exotic carts as not being cleaned from pesticides. These prefilled cartridges can lead to serious health problems as it did for 22 people who were hospitalized after vaping THC oil cartridges bought from unlicensed sellers.

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Beware Buying Exotic Cartridges Online

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Unfortunately, the popularity of these Exotic carts has grown so much that there is opportunist trying to make money by selling them online. These websites have no proper licenses to sell cannabis oil cartridges, and people have shared their experiences online of being ripped off. It's unfortunate that Google has allowed these websites selling fake Exotic cartridges and taking peoples money and running to rank on the top of their search engine. We are determined to outrank them so that we can spread awareness on these websites selling Exotic cartridges.

exotic carts cartridge review

Help us spread awareness by linking back to our page and sharing it on popular social platforms such as Reddit, facebook, and others. It's our goal to educate people about staying away from these scam websites and dirty prefilled cartridges.

We saw the following Exotic carts packaging for sale online:
  • Mimosa Exotic Carts
  • Grape Pie
  • GSC Exotic Cart
  • Yoda OG Exotic Carts
  • Wedding Cake
  • Purple Punch
  • Do Si Dos Exotic Carts

Exotic Carts Is A Fake Brand

exotic carts offical

Exotic cartridges have been lab-tested by people who went out of their way to pay for these lab test and post the results online. These Exotic carts lab test revealed pesticides and other impurities. We recommend checking out our Exotic Carts review for these lab tests. There are no exotic carts official brand with proper licenses to sell their product. Instead, it's merely a packaging for anyone to push their distillate oil with who knows what kind of cutting agents used.

It's important to remember that the black market is already breaking the law by selling these cannabis oil cartridges all over the USA. Therefore, if these people don’t care about going through the legal channels to sell their product, they are not going to care if their product is free from pesticides. The legal cannabis markets would never allow the sale of contaminated THC oil cartridges. Therefore, the majority of these prefilled cartridges are a lot of time low-quality products that people are selling on the streets for half the cost of legal concentrate cartridges. This is the reason for such a low cost, the goal is to flip the low quality prefilled cartridges fast.

Other fake street cartridge brands that we covered that are similar to exotic carts include Cali Carts, Mario Carts, Dank Vapes, And Cali Plug Carts. It can be easy to be drawn into the appealing exotic carts flavors, but chances are these are cut up and not worth it.

Beware Of THC Oil Thickeners

We recently discovered actual companies that supply cannabis oil thickeners with no smell or taste. Basically, they are helping whoever wants to dilute raw distillate and increase their profits substantially. We won't mention the name of the cutting agent to dilute cannabis oil with, but we will say its widely available online and in Downtown Los Angeles. It's also been reported on Reddit that Downtown LA is also the center to buy these empty exotic carts packaging and others. So think twice before taking a hit of that Exotic carts because it's cheaper than the prefilled cartridges at the dispensary.

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