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Fake THC Cartridges Cause Confusion And Problems For Legal Cannabis Market

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It's important to be aware of fake THC cartridges all over the United States, including where cannabis has not yet been made legal for sale or use. Growing up in the bay area has allowed me to witness the illegal cannabis market become legal for recreational use. Now that people are not afraid to get arrested for having weed on them here, some have become confident enough to sell fake THC vape cartridges. There are no consequences if you're caught in a legal state with a hash oil cartridge design for vaping. Unfortunately, these unlicensed prefilled cartridge entrepreneurs are risking harm to their customers health.

These fake THC cartridges began with the Brass Knuckles cartridge. This was the first THC cartridge that had some big names behind it, including Xzibit and later discovered Dre Dre. I remember when Brass Knuckles cartridges first came out a few years ago they set the standard for prefilled cartridges. They were frequently releasing lab test results proving their products were clean. Their popularity was short-lived for a couple of years until there was a Brass Knuckles Pesticides problem that arose.

The Brass Knuckles cartridge brand quickly did damage control countering back that they had a fake THC cartridge problem, not a pesticides issue. Now that time has passed, many other THC oil cartridges that have become popular are now experiencing counterfeits. These fake cartridges are flooding California and everywhere else in the United States. People have taken it upon themselves to pay for lab test and share their results online and exposing the fake THC cartridges for containing pesticides and other impurities.

Even some of the best THC cartridge brands have been effective negatively with bad reviews on weedmaps.com. It's easy for people to become frustrated with a low-quality THC oil cartridge and express their frustration with a review on weedmaps.com, the worlds biggest platform for cannabis oil cartridge reviews. However, these people are actually leaving their feedback for a fake THC cartridge and hurting the brand while doing so. This is why it's important to know whether you have an authentic prefilled cartridge before leaving a review for it online.


Black Market Create Their Own Vape Cartridge Brands

dank vapes cartridges for sale on black market

Its fascinating to see how commercialized the cannabis market has transformed the black market into. In fact, some of the black market cart brands can be appealing to young adults. A lot of these brands are using popular video game characters for their packaging. Most of these unregulated cannabis oil cartridges for sale on the black market are infringing on copyrights with the graphics used for their packaging. We decided to make a list of the most interesting hash oil cartridge brands for sale on the black market.

These are the brands that have not tested their THC oil in a lab test for pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. It's been proved that some of these prefilled cartridges for sale on the black market are not all dirty with pesticides and other impurities. However, the vast majority are cut up with diluents to increase profit for the person selling them. We tried some of these cartridges on the black market and the cannabis oil moved fast and wasn’t strong. The following 510 thread prefilled cartridge brands do not have a legal license to sell or manufacture hash oil.

Supreme Cartridges

supreme cartridges

The Supreme brand oil cartridge that can be found all over the USA is not officially from the actual brand. Its merely being ripped off to push distillate oil advertised with 90+ THC content. However, in our Supreme THC cartridge review, we shared a lab test showing it's actual far less. There has been another test on another Supreme vape cartridge showing it was clean. There are too many different versions of this prefilled cartridge going around in the United States. We recommend checking out the Supreme cartridges review we covered last year.

Dank Vapes

dank vapes and cereal carts

These are some of the most popular sold THC cartridges sold on the black market. There is too much proof that can be easily found online about Dank Vapes not being clean and even having synthetic cannabinoids. These carts are also advertised for having over 90% THC content, but after trying them I didn’t need a lab test to tell me it's much less. Dank Vapes usually sell for $25-$30 with supposedly 1.1 grams of THC oil. The packaging for Dank vapes is available for sale online with empty carts that can be filled with THC oil.

Dank Vapes come from the Los Angeles area. Its rumored online that they are produced and owned by Dankwoods. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much information about any of these companies having the proper license to either sell or manufacture cannabis. The Durban poison Dank vapes cartridge has the weezing pokemon character on the packaging. This is the first red flag of low quality cannabis oil carts, they are breaking the law infringing on copyright material.

Dank Vapes are popular because they have just enough THC content to get anyone high for a cheap price. however, we strongly discourage vaping because of pesticides that have been found inside of Dank Vapes.

Cereal Carts

Another prefilled cartridge for sale on the black market with sweet attractive flavors. This vape cartridge brand tries to lure people in with popular cereal brands on their packaging. Although they are amusing to see trix the rabbit high on cannabis with red eyes, these Cereal Carts are not high quality and this can be easily seen with how easily the cannabis oil moves. The high fades away pretty fast like other black market vape cartridges.

Monopoly Carts

monopoly carts thc

These have the Monopoly characters on their packaging label and can be found in California. Their sour diesel strain has Popeye the sailor man on it. Richie Rich is another cartoon character that can be found on their Gelato cartridge packaging. Also like the majority of black market cartridge brands, they have an Instagram which can be found here.

Bart Carts

bart carts

There are now prefilled cartridges with the popular Tv show the Simpsons on it. This character centers around Bart Simpson, however, Homer can be seen choking bart in their Doh-Si-Do flavor option. Their Purple Punch packaging has Bart Punching Ned Flanders giving him a purple eye. Bart Carts can be found in California, however, it's also easy for anyone to produce fake Bart Carts by easily buying its packaging online.

Exotic Carts Cartridges

exotic carts cartridges

Very popular THC oil cartridges all over the United States. There is a vast selection of appealing flavors for Exotic Carts. There are multiple instagram accounts claiming to be the real Exotic Carts. These pre filled vape cartridges had many changes done to their packaging because they too also claimed having fake THC cartridges of them being sold.

Mario Carts Cartridges

mario cartridges

Extremely similar to the Exotic Carts, so much in fact we wouldn't be surprised if they were produced by the same people. In fact, they both recently had a roll out of new packaging to counter so-called fake THC cartridges of there product. Both new packagings are extremely similar to each other. This leads us to believe the creator of Mario Carts is the same as Exotic Carts and Dank Vapes. The Mario Carts brand has no proof of being connected with Nintendo. They are profiting from the infringement of Nintendo's characters by using the Mario Characters including Donkey Kong. There is no official Mario Carts company information that can be found online.

Organic Smart Cart

organic smart cart

As more people who vape cannabis oil become aware of fake THC cartridges, there are carts claiming to be high quality without having any proof. Don’t be fooled by hash oil cartridges claiming to be clean of pesticides without having any verifiable proof.

Dabwoods Carts

dabwoods cart

This unlicensed cannabis oil brand combined the branding of backwoods with their packaging. This is definitely not an official hash oil cartridge from the Backwoods company. The Dabwoods cartridges have a wood mouthpiece and backwood flavor options. They do not have any proof that their distillate oil is clean of pesticides available.


Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge Brands Affected By Counterfeits

Some of the current best vape cartridge brands have been hit with fakes of their packaging from China. It can be almost impossible to distinguish the difference between real and fake with the packaging. However, the truth is in the cannabis extracted oil and that’s what they can not replicate. If you notice a change in the color of the distillate or CO2 oil, there's a chance it may not be authentic.

Wondering if your favorite THC oil cartridge brand has been hit with fakes? Don’t worry, we made a list below of all of the current THC oil cartridges that have known counterfeits. Any of the mentioned prefilled cartridges below should only be purchased from a licensed dispensary or delivery service to avoid buying fakes, check in California using this government link here. There has been multiple resources which proved the majority of cannabis oil in these counterfeit cartridges are contaminated with pesticides and synthetic cannabinoids.

Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridges

fake brass knuckles cases

This hash oil cartridge company was founded in Los Angeles California. The fake THC cartridges caused a lot of problems with their public image. They tried to counter the fake brass knuckles cartridges with stickers that had serial numbers, these too were soon counterfeited and made available to the public to buy from online marketplaces. I vaped these loyally until my licensed delivery service started giving me Brass Knuckles cartridges that tastes like poison. Perhaps it was the vendors trying to profit with these fakes by selling them to delivery services.

King Pen Cartridges

fake king pen

The King pen cartridge can be found in many states across the US. Fake THC cartridges are lucrative because they turn low quality cannabis oil into popular brands such as the King pen Cartridge.


fake cookies cartridges

Los Angeles hash oil cartridge brand from the Cookies brand. Berner is the creator of the Cookies brand, it's one of the biggest marijuana brands in California.

Moonrock Clear Cartridges

fake moonrock clear cartridges

Another distillate oil cartridge that has been ripped off for its brand. The Moonrock Clear brand has posted on their Instagram account warning people of the fakes going around and how to avoid buying them.

Fake Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridges

This hash oil cartridge company made noise with its 2.2 size cart. It also has some good tasting potent cannabis oil that is comparable to Brass Knuckles. I tried a couple of these cartridges out but they weren't good enough for me to go back to them.

fake heavy hitters cartridges

Eureka Cartridges

fake eureka cartridges

TKO Extracts

fake tko cartridges

We highly recommend reading our TKO Extracts cartridge article about how the fake actually became more popular than the real brand. They even tried to fake a lab test

Rove Cartridges

fake rove cartridges

The Rove cartridges have gained a lot of populairty because of their good tasting CO2 extracted cannabis oil. It didn't take long for fake Rove cartridges for sale on the black market.

Cobra Extracts

The Cobra Extracts Brand took home a Cannabis Cup Award for their THC oil cartridges in 2018. Fakes of their distillate cartridge packaging soon became available for sale online.

Alpine Vapor

fake alpine vapor cartridge

I was never a fan of Alpine Vapor cartridges to begin with after I tried it from a licensed dispensary in San Jose, California. These are live resin cartridges and had to be one of the worst THC cartridges I have ever tried. I don't blame the cannabis oil, it was there vape cartridge hardware that didn't have good vaping capability. Fake Alpine Vapor cartridges and their packaging have been spotted for sale on marketplaces online.

Fake Space Vape Cartridges

There are many Fake Space vape cartridges that have been found available for sale.

Stiiizy Pods

fake stiiizy pods and vape pen battery for sale

This California company started the craze over vaping THC oil with pods. Their Stiiizy pods could vape the thick distillate oil inside of them effortlessly. Every year there is a couple of new prefilled cartridge brands that take the throne from the best selling. Stiiizy was one of those brands a couple of years ago and with that popularity came the counterfeits.

How To Avoid Buying Fake THC Vape Cartridges

We always advise on checking if the vape cartridge and cannabis oil inside matches the pictures on its Instagram page. Another step is checking for a license to sell cannabis, if your not buying from a licensed dispensary there is a chance the products are fake. There is currently no 100% THC cartridge options on the market and if you seen one advertised its recommend to verify with lab test results from a reputable lab.


  • HEADS UP: Rove products have a QR code now which u can scan using the Rove Rewards app (Android/iOS) -> it will tell u if it’s Genuine or not. Plus by scanning QR code you will earn Rove Points which can be used to exchanged for cool prizes in return.