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Fake West Coast Cure Cartridge Review From Our Reader

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August 10, 2019
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We got a message from one of our readers about buying a fake West Coast Cure cartridge from a verified seller on weedmaps.com. He explained that after smoking for many years he never experienced anything as he did once vaping a West Coast Cure Cartridge. We decided to do some research on our own and discovered the packaging for this brand available online. After this discovery, we notified our reader and asked him to write about his experience with the fake West Coast Cure cart. We also noticed that this brand was very active on their weedmaps page and always directed negative experiences to an email.

west coast cure cartridge

So, we decided to reach out to them and test out their customer service. We’ve sent an email on the 7th of this month (August), it's now the 12th and we still have not heard anything back for our reader. Below is a Fake West Coast Cure cartridge review on the experience from our visitors who wrote his story. Although we didn't hear anything back via email, our reader did receive an Instagram message confirming about the fakes but was not offered any help.

counterfiet west coast cure cartridges

West Coast Cure Cartridge Packaging For Sale

west coast cure cartridge packaging

We noticed West Coast Cure does not use CCELL cartridges. Perhaps they decided to go in the house to prevent counterfeits however this has not stopped the fake cartridges with their brand from being made and sold online.

West Coast Cure Cart

Review on Fake West Coast Cure Cartridge

west coast cure

I’m currently holding what was said to be a “West Coast Cure” TrueOG Sauce Pen; I contacted both the delivery company, driver, and WCC and all are denying or ignoring me completely after saying I’ve gotten adverse effects from it. It’s not the first time I've been served some dirty fake cartridges (fake Rove cartridge).

I was served by a licensed delivery with a weedmaps verified product and still got a fake. The fake West Coast Cure “True OG” SauceCo2 vape cartridge caused me to get very sick. I had it delivered from a verified weedmaps seller too. I sat with the delivery guy and took a hit of it. It was definitely different at first hit, and I thought maybe it was just stronger but it wasn’t a clean high at all. After hitting it 6 times, I realized it was not cannabis inside.

Effects of Fake Cart

The vape smoke was tinted yellowish color when I exhaled and I tasted a chemical flavor not at all in the realms of any natural cannabis terps I’ve ever known of; I knew it was poison once I tasted it. The guy continued to sit and talk with me about 20 minutes and things got worse in my body and head as we began talking.

The feelings of anxiety and paranoia occurred from vaping this fake West Coast Cure cartridge. I kept hitting it looking for that good feeling and it just got worse. I felt drunk, very sick and about one hour after It hit me badly and I could not eat or anything. I bought it to help me do just that and go to bed. I threw up all night and the following day into the night until 6am the next day.

I can usually take THC oil cartridge to the head no problem, good clean indica calms me down and inspires creativity and this did no such thing. It made me really sick, I vomited for 24hrs. My head felt very bad and my veins were popping out. Also, I heard voices and even had mild hallucinations. I am still not feeling better after 3 days..

“Sounds like it may have been synthetic cannabinoids that are known for these negative effects.” Cannabisthrives.com Editor.

I mostly go with a handful of brands with integrity and clean medicine such as outco, bloomfarms, britelabs, rove, and mostly never go with shiny designer brands but because the dispensary closes early.

I've been smoking weed since the 90s which include dabs, blunts, bongs, and I've never had this reaction.