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Farm To Vape Review: Raw Garden Into THC Vape Juice

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We were excited to make our Farm To Vape review because we didn’t know if the end result would be good. We’ve seen others make videos of it with shatter and made some THC oil with it that looked good. We decided to reach out to Farm to vape for samples of their product so that we could put it to the test. They quickly accepted our request and shortly after their was Farm to Vape in the mail delivered. We decided to use a popular brand of wax that many are familiar with its premium quality.

farm to vape review

Turn Wax Into Cartridges

turn wax into cartridges

We used Raw Garden in this Farm To Vape review. In case your not familiar with this cannabis concentrate wax brand, they are well known for their live resin and cartridges. We used the nonflavored thinner from Farm To Vape for this review. It was our goal to create our own sauce pens and save money while doing so with this method. The instructions were easy to follow because everything needed was supplied with the kit. We encourage you to watch our video of turning Raw Garden wax into vape juice.

Wax Thinner Ingredients

Farm To Vape has the ingredients easily available on their packaging. They use a proprietary recipe which includes a blend of Polyethylene Glycol, PEG 300, and PEG 400. We encourage you to do your own research on these ingredients. These are also the most common ingredients for a typical vape juice. Each ingredient also serves multiple purposes outside of vaping in many industries.

Farm To Vape Instructions

farm to vape instructions

Three simple instructions are labeled on the thinning kit for wax.

Step 1: Add A Gram Of Wax Into Blue Glass Vial

farm to vape vial raw garden live resin

The first instruction is putting a gram of cannabis concentrate into the provided blue glass vial. Afterward, followed by adding the thinner to the wax. We took a different approach to this because our Raw Garden live resin was already in a glass container. So, instead, we added the thinner directly onto the Wax inside of its own glass container.

Step 2: Add 2-3ml of Farm to Vape Thinner

The next step is to add between 2-3ml of thinner into the cannabis concentrate. It was my goal to create a thick THC e-liquid so I only added 1 and a half ml of the Farm to Vape thinner. This amount of Farm To Vape was more than enough and resulted in a thin THC oil that moved easily. I recommend using a less Farm to vape ratio for a thicker vape juice and less diluted product.

Step 3: Tightly Close Glass Vial And Boil It For 3-5 minutes

Very simple steps here, simply close the cap and boil the vial for about 5 minutes. I decided to create a double water bath with the Raw Garden sauce still it’s container. This worked out perfectly and created a nice transparent THC oil.

The last step is to simply shake the vial. Since we didn’t add it to the vial we decided to stir it extra instead. I used a plastic syringe that came with shatter batter to suck up the THC vape juice. Shatter Batter is another thinner for cannabis concentrates such as wax and live resin sauce.

Final Results Of The Farm To Vape Review

thc vape juice

I successfully turned a gram of live resin into 2 and a half grams of THC vape juice. The THC vape juice came out crystal clear and potent. I refilled brand new empty Ikrusher cartridges with the THC e-liquid. I also refilled a Qcell cartridge to test out its ability to vape thin THC oil. Hits were really smooth using each cartridge even with big clouds.

I could taste the live resin which reminded me of vaping the Raw Garden cartridges, however, there was also a hint of the Farm to Vape thinner. It's not overpowering the flavor from the wax, but it's noticeable enough to be aware it's there. I suggest using one of their many flavor options or a less Farm to Vape ratio. I was expecting an intense flavor profile since live resin sauce was used, but it wasn’t comparable to an actual sauce pen-like KGB Reserves.

Farm to Vape is great if you're on a budget and barely smoke cannabis. It's also great for those who don’t want to be super stoned where they can’t function. This can also get you by if your someone with a high tolerance and help saves money. My friends are always asking me for a hit of my THC oil pen, this can cause my prefilled cartridge to run out quick. I started passing them the Farm to vape made cartridge instead of my uncut distillate and they have not complained.

THC Vape Juice Strength

qcell cartridge with THC vape juice

The high from vaping the e-liquid made out of the Raw Garden live resin was nice. It wasn’t as strong as vaping some uncut distillate. But it wasn’t weak either where I had to keep puffing. I consider it a mellow high that's similar to smoking cannabis but not as intense. This is based on someone who has a high tolerance and typically vapes uncut distillate.

Should I Buy Farm To Vape?

After writing this Farm to Vape review, I've come to the conclusion that it’s useful for saving money if your lucky enough to live where wax is easily available for a good price. I personally rather make my own cartridges and save money than take the risk of buying from the black market and get ripped off with pesticides. This stuff really works turning wax into cartridges with little learning curve and effort required.

Click here to visit Farm to Vape

Excellent kit from Farms to Vape that makes it easy turning any cannabis concentrate into cartridges. Perfect for turning live resin into tasty THC vape juice, we recommend their flavor option thinners.

Farms to Vape Review Score

Efficiency turning wax into cartridges
Taste - Non-flavored thinner kit had a unpleasant flavor
Price - $19.99
Vaping Smoothness - Reminds me of normal vape juice
Potency of THC Vape Juice - Intensity of high is low, similar to a joint.

It was easy using Farms to Vape

Excellent kit from Farms to Vape that makes it easy turning any cannabis concentrate into cartridges. Perfect for turning live resin into tasty THC vape juice, we recommend their flavor option thinners.

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