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Friendly Farms Cartridge Review: Premium Full Spectrum Sauce

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There are not many sauce cartridges available in the cannabis market. This Friendly Farms cartridge review is on Doug's Diesel option. This is a Sativa dominated cartridge according to the label. This is a strain-specific sauce cartridge that is also 100% live resin. There is also no additives and its completely distillate free.

friendly farms vape cartridge review

fake THC cartridges flooding the legal cannabis market. Currently, Friendly Farms cartridges has 29,000 Instagram followers.

Lab Test Results QR Code: https://portal.anresco.com/#/ps/8802e4e0c4877df7 Friendly Farms cartridge lab test results
The Qr code will take you to the Anresco Laboratories website with a lab result on the THC oil.

Friendly Farms Sauce Cartridge Review

friendly farms cartridge

The first hit of the Doug's Diesel was straight gas, it reminded of some fresh and clean tasting Sativa. The back of the Friendly Farms vape cartridge packaging instructs the best voltage is 2.7-4.0 volts. I tried vaping on both the lowest and highest recommended temperatures and preferred 4 volts. The Sativa effects are felt instantly with a cerebral high that's much stronger than any distillate. The full spectrum effects are no joke and offer a much more premium high than any distillate oil can offer. This quality of prefilled THC oil cartridge is on a whole other league compared to distillate type THC oil.

The Friendly Farms cartridge is using a CCELL model C478, it hits the sauce inside of it flawlessly at 4 volts. Clouds are sizable at the highest recommended temperature and enough to get you really baked with one full hit.

Friendly Farms Cartridge Price

Available in California for $45 a half gram cartridge. This premium price is fair for the superior effects it has compared to cheaper distillate options. There is currently no full gram Friendly Farms cartridges available for sale. So, a full gram will require the purchase of two half grams for $45 each before tax. That's over $90 for one gram of sauce, and let me tell you that it's worth it. We’ve tried many of the best distillate cartridges available in California, none can compare to a full spectrum experience no matter how high THC content.

friendly farms sauce cartridge

Don’t be fooled by the ridiculously high amounts of THC content being advertised by vape cartridge brands. The Friendly Farms cartridge I tried for this review only had 70.9% THC content and gave a more intense high than distillates with over 85% THC content reported. The full spectrum high is not the same as a distillate, it's a more natural high comparable to smoking weed but amplified. This Friendly Farms cartridge review was my second time trying a full spectrum THC oil. The first was from KGB Reserve cartridges located in Oakland California. They had come out of this world sauce pens with even higher THC content than Friendly farms.

true full spectrum

Also known as the entourage effect, this is when all of the cannabis plants natural ingredients work together to provide a premium high, an intense high more so than non-sauce cartridges.

Friendly Farms has some amazing sauce cartridges that offer a more premium high known as full spectrum. It's much more intense than any distillate I've tried.

Friendly Farms Cartridge Review Score

Flavor - Straight Gas
Sauce Cartridge Strength
Vape Cartridge Efficiency
Price - Half Gram is $45 which is fair for the level of high quality.
Lab Test Available - QR Code On The Box

A True Premium Cartridge

Friendly Farms has some amazing sauce cartridges that offer a more premium high known as full spectrum. It's much more intense than any distillate I've tried.

User Rating: 4.65 ( 1 votes)

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