Frosties Strain From Neros Cutt Looks Like It Was Hit By A Snowstorm

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We were blessed by @dollasup_nero with a quarter of his latest cut, the Frosties strain. Nero is well known for his White Runtz strain. The Runtz weed strain blew up in popularity in the last couple of years. This latest strain from the Bay Area Rapper Nero does not disappoint. The Frosties weed strain is going to debut in Miami September 7-9 in a Pop Up called Runtz Loud and Uncut.

Frosties Weed Strain Review

nero cutt frosties weed strain

This is not your ordinary cannabis strain, it has a really nice purple and green colors, it’s also coated in trichomes. The name for this weed fits it accurately because it looks like a snowstorm hit these dense Frosties nugs. Orange hairs can be found all over these nugs too. We have to give it up to Nero and his growers HP farms because they produced a top of the line strain.

Tasty Purple Weed

neros cutt frosties

This purple weed has a super clean taste with zero harshness on the throat. We smoked the Frosties strain in a backwood and it was delicious. Living in the bay area is a treat because of the premium cannabis being easily accessible. This is the type of cannabis considered top shelf at a cannabis dispensary. Now let's talk about the high from smoking the Frosties weed strain.

Very Potent Strain

frosties strain review

I would love to have this strain tested for potency because the high was really strong. The high is felt without any delays and only gets better with time. Great strain for those who consider themselves to have a high tolerance.

About Neros Cutt

Nero is a Bay Area Rapper who is associated with the Runtz brand. He is frequently seen with his friend and business partner, the creator of Runtz @yunglb_litt.

View this post on Instagram Too much pressure for the average smoker I can Bet that❄️🔥🚀‼️ #Frostiez #NerosCutt #jokesup #hpfarms A post shared by @ frostiez_official on Sep 5, 2019 at 10:25am PDT
We absolutely loved smoking the new Frosties strain from Nero and HP farms collaboration.

Neros Cutt Frosties Strain Review

Flavor - Outstanding Dank
Density - Dense Nugs
High - Perfect For A High Tolerance
Smoothness - Outstanding

Another Bay Area Winner From Mr White Runtz

We absolutely loved smoking the new Frosties strain from Nero and HP farms collaboration.

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