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We found the perfect water pipe for smoking weed with those who always want the first hit. Now you can take a hit at the same time with a friend with the Bestie Bong. This is a thick glass 2 person bong for sale from Los Angeles company Getmav.com. The high-quality glass rigs from GetMav.com has got them a large following on their Instagram account. They currently have 53,000 followers with a lot of their customers tagging them daily showing off their new bongs.

Bestie Bong - Muti Person Beaker Bong

2 person glass bong

The Bestie is a Beaker Bong made from a thick glass design to give two people a hit simultaneously. It's also not a small water pipe standing at 18 inches tall. Also known as the official 2 girls and bong. The glass beaker bong is a nice transparent purple color. This 2 headed beaker lead us to an array of other unique and cool glass pieces. Their other glass rigs and pipes were quite impressive too.

Cool Glass Bongs And Rigs

muti person bong

They have a diverse selection of weed pipes with thick glass that won't easily break at GetMav.com. We really liked their recyclers and huge quartz dab nails for sale. They have much more different types of glass rigs and bongs that the nearby smoke shops can't compete, especially with their prices. Additional glass pieces available for smoking weed from them are the following:

  • Steamrollers
  • Weed pipes
  • Glass Bongs
  • Recycler
  • Beaker Bongs
  • Bubblers
  • Ash Catchers
  • Cleaning solutions

Find unique glass bongs with thick glass that can’t be found anywhere else, the perfect example is their 2 person bong! It functions exactly like a normal Beaker Bong too! We have not seen a multi-person bong as good as Getmav.com. We encourage out readers to follower their instagram to stay updated with all of their new bong designs released.

The prices and quality where enough to get our attention and write about this LA located online glass Bong Store.

Premium Brands

  • California Beaker Co - High-end Beaker bongs with some really nice colors. Sizes range from 12”-24” tall glass Beaker Bongs.
  • Alien Flower Monkey - These are another American made glass bong company that has innovated with their perc designs. Experience a double water filtration from their unique bong designs.
  • Blac - These Beaker Bongs have a shade of black to them. Available are bent neck and straight options for these Glass Bongs.

We highly recommend our readers to check out their glass pieces under $100, once on their homepage scroll to their menu at the top and click under 100. They have an impressive selection of glass pipes and water pipes for under 100.

Buy One Give One To A Veteran

We also really liked that they will give a free bong to a veteran when someone purchases one of their special options. These special glass water pipes start off at an affordable $85.00 and there are some nice options.

In conclusion, if you live in California you can expect faster delivery if nearby. Nonetheless, it will be much faster than buying from China and having to wait months for a cheap glass bong that can easily crack.

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