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<p class=”big”>Chances are you’ve never used Hemp Wick before, but are curious if its worth it. We were in the same boat and decided to do our own research on Hemp Wick. After hours of researching online and reading many different Hemp Wick reviews, we decided to reach out to <a href=”https://www.instagram.com/beelinehempwick/”>Bee Line</a>. They were the only ones that outshined the others with many positive reviews. They provided us with their organic Hemp Wick with beeswax so that we could examine its usefulness and write about it for our readers. The entire cannabisthrives.com team quickly turned into fans of using the Bee Line Hemp Wick.</p>

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<h2>What Is Hemp Wick?</h2>
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<p class=”big”>Not every Hemp Wick is made the same and we learned this while reading about many different brands. We really liked the Bee Line Hemp wick because they care about selling a quality product. Their Hemp Wick is made in Romania and uses Beeswax to coat it for a slow burn. There is zero smell that emits from the Bee Line Hemp Wick when lit, and no extra taste when used with bongs or pipes. Say goodbye to that extra butane flavor added to bongs from a butane lighter. </p>

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<p class=”big”>The Hemp Wick solves a lot of problems. It even solves the problem of being at home without any lighters or matches. Every cannabis user has found themselves in a situation where they are at home without a lighter or single match. Hemp Wick can easily be lit using a stove and then be used in replacement of a lighter or match. Using Hemp Wick to replace the flame from a Lighter also removes butane from the equation. </p>

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<h2>How To Use Hemp Wick?</h2>
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<p class=”big”>It’s super easy to use Hemp Wick. A lighter is still required but will last much longer when using with Hemp Wick. After lighting the Hemp Wick, it will hold a flame that can sufficiently light a bong bowl or hand pipe without adding the taste of butane. It’s very important to make sure there is a nice flame lit on the Hemp wick and to use the flame to light your cannabis, not the Hemp Wick itself. We found the flame to be much bigger than a traditional BIC lighter and more wind resistant. I found their basic carebord hemp wick dispenser to be quite sufficient to use.</p>

<p class=”big”>An engited Hemp Wick can easily be turned off by blowing it, or even rubbing the beeswax over it by sliding your fingers from the hemp wick to the flame.</p>

<h2>Hemp Wick Lighter</h2>
<p class=”big”>It’s easy to make your own hemp wick lighter with Bee Line products. They offer many affordable Hemp Wick options that you can easily tie around your lighter and prolong its butane. Bee Line also has some cool Hemp Wick dispensers that are cheap and made out of metal.</p>


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