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How To Make Cannabutter Recipes For Edibles in 2020

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March 22, 2020

Cannabutter or weed butter is one of the simplest ways to make infused cannabis edibles to make. You don’t have to be a cannabis connoisseur or master chef to make quality weed butter.  If you have a kitchen, butter, and fat, you can make cannabutter, but you have to be well-informed so you don’t mess it up.

While a lot of people still choose to vape or smoke cannabis, the edibles are gaining popularity because they often contain cannabutter- which you can easily make from the comfort of the home.

This article will show you how to make cannabutter, and leave you with some important tips to remember.

How To Make Cannabutter From Scratch

Cannabutter Bud & Butter

It is now common to use cannabutter to make edibles, particularly baked goods like brownies and cookies. This cannabis-infused butter offers many health benefits and you can use it to treat several diseases and ailments.

Little wonder you can easily find a 70-year old granny taking cannabis edibles to get some relief from pain symptoms, without any form of stigmatization.

Some common benefits of weed butter include:

          • It may help alleviate cancer-related symptoms-
          • It has anti-nausea properties making it useful as a natural treatment for nausea and vomiting.
          • The CBD content helps to regulate bodily processes, including appetite, memory, and mood.
          • It is a smoke-free product, and the THC and CBD content helps to improve sleep quality.

Cannabutter Recipe Directions

The following steps will guide you to make quality weed butter from the comfort of your home. Making cannabutter is very easy, but you need to be patient and well-organized. You need to heat the cannabis flower slowly at a low temperature to activate the psychoactive potential. When you make your homemade cannabutter it can be used in any edible recipes.

First Step: DecarboxylationCannabis baking to decarboxylation the cannabis

You need to first decarboxylate your cannabis to make cannabutter. This plant contains cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) in its raw form, and these are inactive forms of CBD and THC.

So by heating these compounds in the process of baking, they undergo decarboxylation (also called decarbing) and become the active compounds CBD and THC.

The procedure includes:

          • Preheat your oven to 240OF (115OF) and line a baking sheet pan with aluminum foil.
          • Break your desired amount of weed gently using scissors, a hand-grinder, or with hands to get a perfect consistency for rolling a joint. (Remember! Anything too fine will sleep through joint or cheesecloth and will result in cannabutter that is not clear or fine).
          • Place and spread the cannabis buds on an oven-safe tray and cover it with parchment paper to prevent sticking.
          • Put the tray into the oven and allow the cannabis to cook for 30 to 40 minutes. You can also cook for 10 to 15 minutes at 300O But remember that low and slow heat is the recommended approach for better preservation of the cannabinoids.
          • Check and stir the cannabis every 10 minutes while it is in the oven to avoid burning. The moment you notice a color change from bright green to a dark-brown green, you know it has decarboxylated.

NOTE: Ensure your oven temperature does not exceed 240OF to keep the” terpenes” content intact. Terpenes are essential oil compounds that are responsible for the flavor, smell, and medicinal functions of the cannabis plant.

Second Step: Cannabis Stovetop InfusionCannabis and butter in pot

After activating the cannabis, then you can move to make your cannabutter.

What you need include:

          • ½ ounce decarboxylated cannabis
          • 8 ounces or 225 grams of butter
          • 2 cups of water
          • 2 cheese cloths
          • 1 medium-sized saucepan
          • 1 wooden spoon

The procedure includes:

          • On a very low heat, add water and butter to the medium saucepan
          • Once the butter melts completely, add the decarboxylated cannabis and stir it with a wooden spoon. Cover with the lid and allow it to simmer for 4 hours.
          • Stir the mixture every half hour to prevent burning. You’ll know you have a good mixture when it becomes thick and glossy at the top.
          • After 4 hours of cooking, place two layers of cheesecloth over a container or glass bowl. Allow the butter to cool to room temperature and use immediately or store in the refrigerator for short-term use. You can also keep in the freezer in a well-sealed mason for up to 6 months.

NOTE: If you’re making your edible cannabis at home, you can get the best result by using half regular butter and half cannabutter in most recipes. To prevent overconsumption, you may want to test smaller doses of the weed butter.

Important Factors to Remember on How to Make Cannabutter

Cannabutter tools & product

No doubt, cannabutter is safe to eat, but you need to keep some important factors in mind as you make this edible.

          • It can be difficult finding the right dosage for cannabis edibles due to the variations in THC concentrations. Several factors cause this difference, including the quality of the cannabis, the preparation method, and the place of purchase.
          • The metabolism of cannabutter is unique, making them to have a longer latency period. So it may take 30-40 minutes before you start noticing the effect of edibles, and the reactions peaks between 2-4 hours. But with vaping or smoking cannabis products, you may notice the effect within 2-3 minutes, and the reaction wears off in 2-3 hours.
          • It is important to store your cannabutter edibles safely since they resemble your cookies, candy, and other baked products.

In summary, you can make cannabutter from the comfort of your home following the steps highlighted above. This cannabis-infused butter offers a lot of health benefits, including relieving pains and cancer-related symptoms and improving sleep quality. You can use it to make your cannabis edibles like cookies and brownies.


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