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How To Roll A Backwood Blunt For Beginners

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Learning how to roll a backwood isn’t the easiest thing to do. It took me a lot of trial and error, and it took a long time for me to learn how to roll a perfect backwood. Honestly, took a lot longer than it should have and it led to me wasting a lot of good weed. So, in hopes of other people not taking as long as I did to learn how to roll a perfect backwood, I am going to give a quick and efficient run through on how to roll a perfect one.

Tip: Make sure you have inspected all your woods prior to use. This way you can tell if it’s too dry, if it looks stale or if it has holes that would make it difficult to use. Don’t worry about the stems for now! You’ll take care of them later.

How To Roll A Backwood For Beginners Video Guide

Before diving into our step by step how to roll a backwood guide. We recommend watching our video guide first below. Afterward, refer to the step by step picture guide for a reference to the video!

Step 1: Break Down Weed With Fingers

break down weed

First, you should break down the weed by hand. I recommend by hand because you are able to break down weed into small buds compare to a grinder which will break down the weed too fine. The reason you don’t grind the weed to fine when you roll a backwood with smaller firmer backwood which will burn evenly and prevent runs. You should break down about 1.5 grams of weed to fill a full backwood properly.But of course, if you going to use less weed best technique is to cut excess back wood off. While you break down the weed make sure you take out any excess stems to prevent any holes or damaging during rolling process. In our example we broke down about 2 grams of weed because we love bigBackwood blunts.

Step 2: Empty Guts Of Backwood Carefully

how to roll backwood for beginners guide

Second, you will move on to unrolling and breaking the backwood. You will start on one end of the cigar and find where it is sealed off – carefully peel back the leaf. Take your time and make sure the wood unfurls from the guts to avoid holes or tears. This is one main difference between other blunt wraps because instead of slicing down the middle and gutting out the tobacco, you unwrap a backwood like a candy wrapper. Once you have it clean from all the guts flatten out the wood so you can give its shape.

Some people like a rectangular wrap while others will rip off the edges to subside for a natural leaf shape. Practice with both and see what you are more comfortable with and again keep in mind the amount of weed you are planning to roll with.

cut backwood with scissors

How To Roll A BackWood Guide Tip: If scissors are around, use them! This way you can trim down and get a precise shape to your Backwood blunt also comes handy when cutting through a stem.

Step 3: Tuck And Roll Backwood With Weed

how to roll a backwood blunt rolling a backwood

Rolling a backwood Tip: Pay attention to the edges of the wood and locate where the stems run. Our best technique against tricky stems have been flattening them out by either biting or pressing down the ends. This way the wood can be completely flat and will make it easier to tuck and roll.

Start holding the blunt to its shape as you carefully fill in with your wonderfully broken-down buds.

roll backwood how to roll a backwood blunt

Make sure the weed is stuffed evenly between your backwood, as if it was in a joint or wrap. This is where practice and time comes a factor because tucking and rolling can become the most difficult part of any roll. So, take your time and make sure you are even from end to end and once the weed feels gathered, repeat the slight tuck and roll.

tuck backwood

Now this is where you seal back down the backwood with either water or saliva. This process is almost done simultaneously as you want to wet the edge before closing it back down. Keep in mind the more you use your saliva to close down the wood, the more the taste begins to hinder while smoking.

roll backwood cigar roll that backwood roll a backwood final steps rolling backwood finished rolling backwood with weed

Once it’s sealed, you can do your best filling out loose spaces by doing a few methods. You can find a small object that can stuff the weed down as you insert more from an open end. Also, don’t be afraid to do small adjustments to areas that feel unstable or not fully tucked. After a few times of rolling it will become easier for you to distinguish which end to light and which to use as the mouthpiece.

How to roll a backwood for beginners Tip: If you have trouble stuffing because debris falls out, close out one of the ends by carefully twisting it shut. Now this will become the side that you will use to light and this way you can pack down without weed spilling out of the other end! We also recommend adding a nonbleached paepr or glass crutch for the best smoking experience with backwoods.

cut backwood again after cut add crutch how to roll a backwood for beginners

It’s finally time to spark that Backwood blunt! A couple things to make sure before lighting; take a couple test puffs to see if there is a consistent flow of air when you inhale. Make sure the mouthpiece is not only open but sturdy enough for you and the rotation. Lighting the blunt can also be crucial, make sure to take the fire slightly against the open end and gradually rotate around until you have an even run. Small puffs will help in the beginning, but this is where you’ll notice if the backwood was rolled correctly. It should burn down like a regular cigar, even and smooth.

There will be instances where your blunt will start running or bleeding, meaning one end is burning faster than the other. This either means the roll was loose or the tucking was uneven, but sometimes it’s because there was a hole in the wood. When that’s the case, just relight with the fire until it becomes even again.

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