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How To Stop Smoking Weed Guide For Frequent Users

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How do I stop smoking weed if I am addicted? Don’t worry, I am going to give you the tools to stop smoking cannabis even if your a daily user. A cannabis addiction can be very costly and time consuming. The same can be said with a hash oil addiction such as dabs. I am not a doctor or a health professional, I am someone who has over a decade of experience smoking weed frequently. For those who want a in-depth scientific look at why people become addicted to weed, we recommend reading studies provided by the US government.

First, let's talk about my background with mary jane. I've been smoking cannabis for over 10 years now mostly every day. However, I've found that during points in my life I had to stop getting high, and it wasn’t easy but I learned a lot of tricks that I will share here. I found myself addicted to THC first with blunts, I would smoke 5 a day. Afterwards, I transitioned into dabs and would go through an ounce of shatter in two weeks. This wasn’t acceptable and I realize I was addicted to the chemical compound found in cannabis Tetrahydrocannabinol. After a lot of struggle and perseverance I learned how to defeat the THC addiction.

Cannabis Addiction

cannabis addiction guide

It's quite possible to become addicted to smoking marijauana or vaping THC oil. Not everyone who hits a joint will instantly become a stoner. People who already have addictive personality traits are the most vulnerable to becoming addicted to smoking weed. It's also important to note that vaping cannabis oil with higher THC content is more addictive than just smoking marijauna. Also, the weed today is much more potent then back in the day marijauna the hippies were getting high on.

Do I Have A Marijuana Addiction?

The need to be high from smoking cannabis all the time during the day and night is an addiction. Sure, cannabis can enhance our well being, but it can also neglect it with financial burden and even with friends and family. It's important to have control over cannabis and not it of you.

Marijuana Addiction Symptoms

Someone who is addicted to taking dabs of hash oil or smoking weed frequently in their day, will experience symptoms when trying to stop using cannabis. Common symptoms of being addicted to marijauana is irritability. Another symptom is not being able to go to sleep at night. The worst symptom is the urge to want to smoke constantly where it can consume a person's mind, and cause them to seek an alternative high such as the buzz from alcohol. An acute increase in anxiety is normal when stopping the use of Marijuana.

How To Quit Smoking Cannabis Tips

It's not going to be easy to just suddenly stop taking dabs or hitting the blunt if that's what you do daily. However, it can become much easier to shake off the urge to get high off THC if you follow our advice. It's important to gradually stop and not go all out with a huge 1 gram dab session. It's important to slowly remove the THC from your bloodstream by gradually smoking a little bit until finally stopping completely, if you follow our tips below it won't be difficult to stop smoking Marijuana.

  • It's important to keep your mind occupied and focus on tasks such as cleaning and working. Do not give your mind enough time to want to urge for weed. The mind can only have so many thoughts at once so drive out any thoughts of wanting to get high with distractions. Additional distraction suggestions include hiking, gym, video games, family outing, laser tag with friends who don't smoke weed. Focus on getting through the day and night and the battle will get much easier. Coffee will be your best friend while you are removing cannabis from your routine. The caffeine from the Coffee will help you focus on your distractions. It will also help replace that stimulant of energy from Sativa, it's not the same but it will be good enough while your quitting weed.
  • Stay away from people who smoke cannabis because it's going to be more difficult if your around it and your trying to stop using. Staying away from cannabis in sight is only part of the battle but really effective.
  • Drink a lot of water to help support flushing out the THC inside of your body.
  • Replace getting high with getting tired from sports, and other activities which demand physical activity.
  • Your mind will be restless when trying to stop smoking weed, so ensure your eating good foods to help support your mood such as salads, nuts, berries, and other high in nutrients foods.
  • Remind yourself frequently of the importance to stop smoking cannabis and even reach out to a friend or family member to vent about it. There's only 24 hrs in the day, which 8 of those your asleep, so if you can get through the first day of not getting high that's already a major accomplishment.

Defeat Your Weed Addiction

After the first day of going without smoking Marijuana the urge will dramatically fade away and it only gets easier afterwards. There are other options such as rehab that can cause a financial burden because they are expensive. It's going to be an amazing feeling to win against the cannabis addiction and having that control against it will make your life better. It's important to have control over your cannabis use if your going to be a user. I discovered when I made rules for my cannabis consumption such as only smoking at night benefited me with a more intense high and bigger bank account. Please do share any other insight from your own experience on how to stop smoking weed in the comments below.

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