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Ikrusher Tik Review: Ultra Portable Vaporizer For THC Oil

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July 10, 2019
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I underestimated the Tik vaporizer from Ikrusher.It reminds me of a much smaller Stiiizy vape pen. The Tik is an ultra compact disposable vaporizer design for thick cannabis oil. The company Ikrusher kindly gave me a handful of Tik vaporizers so that I could try them out and write a review about them on here. They recommended using with thick cannabis oil in the 85% THC content range. The Tik is using an exclusive Ikrusher technology called Ikonic. This vape battery comes with plenty of juice to sufficiently vape every last bit of THC oil with 300mAh worth of power.

Ikrusher tik vaporizer

The Tik is made with PCTG plastic and has a cabron fabric around it look pretty cool. There is an LED light which will activate upon vaping it. I took some major hits using this really cool vaporizer of some cobra extracts distillate oil. We recommend checking out the new line up of Nectar Sticks from Cobra Extracts which proved to be very potent.

This tiny vaporizer for hash oil produced some of the biggest clouds I've seen from a THC cartridge. Ikrusher got it completely right with their new disposable vaporizer. Ikrusher is a wholesale company, so don't expect to be able to buy directly from them for individual Tik vaporizers. If your a cannabis oil extraction company looking for the best disposable, the Tik produces results that can be seen with our video demonstration of it below.

Tik Vaporizer Review

The big size clouds from the Tik disposable vaporizer were impressive and really a surprise! Ikrusher has created a super efficient disposable hash oil vaporizer with their new Ikonic technology. They are using a vertical ceramic rod design that produces major dense clouds from thick cannabis oil. I was using some really thick distillate from Cobra Extracts and got some major clouds vaping it. There is zero resistance for an easy draw that can produce massive clouds if vaped until the LED light blinks.

Ikrusher Tik mouthpiece

I want to encourage cannabis oil cartridge brands to request a sample and try it for yourself. At first glance, I wasn’t too impressed with the design of the Tik. It was the performance of this vaporizer that won me over and everybody I let try it. I even filled one up and gave it to a friend who later thanked me a second time and requested where she can buy more. I highly recommended the Tik over the CCELL disposable vape pen vaporizers. Although I am still a fan of disposable vape pens, Ikrusher Tik is superior and my preference over them.

ikrusher tik review

At the moment the TIk disposable vaporizer is only available in half gram sizes. They are in my humble honest opinion currently the best disposable vape pen available that should be tried. This is a direct competitor to the popular CCELL Dart because its almost identical in size but much lighter in weight. Both excellent vaporizers that are direct competitors to the standard 510 thread vape cartridges.

The Ikrusher is a powerful and compact vaporizer for thick cannabis oil. Hits are insanely big with dense vapor. We highly recommend the Tik as one of the best disposable vaporizers for 2019.

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One of the best disposable vaporizers in 2019.

The Ikrusher is a powerful and compact vaporizer for thick cannabis oil. Hits are insanely big with dense vapor. We highly recommend the Tik as one of the best disposable vaporizers for 2019.

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