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KGB Reserve (HTFSE) Sauce Pen Review

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We discovered KGB Reserve on weedmaps.com and contacted them for some samples to compete in our annual best THC oil cartridge competition for 2019. They gladly accepted to give us some of their HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts) prefilled disposable vape pens and some joints covered in kief with more concentrate inside. We spoke with Derrick and his partner Mike who explained to us more about their HTFSE sauce pen options. They spoke to us about creating a better product than what's out there already in the cannabis market for concentrate pens. We could quickly see that their intent was creating a premium hash oil pen, and they did just that.

They mentioned that Forbes.com did a piece on them about the best gifts for moms who love vaping, although they just started a few months ago, their Sauce pen was impressive and we could see why Forbes.com reached out to them. This is not your typical hash oil, it's a much more refined and higher quality cannabis oil product. They had lab test available ready for us proving that their sauce was clean from heavy metals, pesticides, and other impurities. Their product is tested by the resource they acquire it from and again by another local lab. "Only reputable cannabis extraction companies in this industry have lab test results available" said Derrick, their Chief Operations Officer. Thats something here at Cannabisthrives.com that we heavily agree on.

A half gram cost $40-50, and we have no problem paying that after experiencing the difference in the quality of high compared to distillate oil.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

It really does keep getting better and better for cannabis smokers. Cannabis smoking has been refined into vaping hash oil because of the convenience and effectiveness. KGB Reserve has improved both of these important factors with their HTFSE disposable vape pen. Their Sauce pen is prefilled with the cannabis plants natural terpene profiles and THC Compound. This creates the entourage effect which the terpenes enhance the THC property for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

Another benefit from the entourage effect is reducing the ill side effects of THC. Highly concentrated amounts of THC can cause a person to have an anxiety attack if they have a low tolerance and take too much.

KGB HTFSE Sauce Pen Review

kgb reserve sauce pen review

The design of the vape pen is compact and comes ready to use with a charged disposable battery. More importantly, their sauce inside is something special. Although the percentages of THC content ranged into 70%+ area, these HTFSE pens hit harder than distillate that claimed to be 86% and lab tested. The high is a much more cleaner and stronger experience compared to distillate. I have a friend who always sneezing with distillates, he didn't sneeze once when vaping these High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts from KGB Reserve.

The high really is much more pleasant and longer than distillate too. It justifies its premium retail price of $40-$50 a half gram.

KGB Reserve Vape Pen Flavors

kgb reserve sour dub kgb reserve review

The flavors we tried were each impressive. Our favorite from the four Sauce pens we tried was the Guava Gelato, definitely now one of our all-time favorites in fact. This particular strain only had 70% THC content exactly, and again it hit much more intense than distillate that tested much higher. The best thing about this premium THC oil is only needing one full hit to be satisfied for hours. Even with a high marijuana tolerance the high from KGB HTFSE sauce pens is intense. Other flavors we tried include Sour Dub, ChemDawg, and Private Reserve.

KGB Vape Pen Review

We really liked the simple design of their prefilled disposable vape pen. It efficiently vaped all of the sauce without leaving any behind. Each hit was flawless without any pull resistance. This is like carrying a dab rig in your pocket. It will surprise any stoner friends who have never experienced a High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts hash oil before. All my friends who KGB Reserve vape pens were impressed with the quality. The quality of cannabis oil continues to improve with KGB Reserve on the forefront of it.

We recommend following their instagram account. They currently have 2726 followers and growing, remember they only been open for a few months but we are sure they are going to be making an impact. We also recommend their Prerolls which are packed with sauce, distillate, super dank bud, and keif. Below is a nug they gave us to take with us and informed us thats whats inside of the KGB Reserve Torpedo Preroll.

indoor flower sauce pen

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