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Mario Carts Cartridge Review Reveals Pesticides And Low THC

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April 4, 2019
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Update - Mario Carts Cartridge Test For 2 Pesticides & Lead

A Mario Carts Cartridge tested positive for 2 pesticides and lead over the California legal limit. This lab test was released a few months back in April 2019. The lab test results can be verified online from Belcosta labs. This lab test cost well over $250.00 and we appreciate @thedojaapp for doing everyone a public service and releasing these lab test for Mario Carts.

mario carts cartridge review

Unregulated Mario Carts Cartridges Are Selling All Over The United States

Read our Mario Carts cartridge review to find out why there nothing more than just a way for people to make a quick buck off people selling them low-quality THC oil. Mario carts have been popping up across the country lately, and mainly in states that have not legalized marijuana. The pattern of being popular in states that have not legalized marijuana is problematic and should raise a red flag about its authenticity and ingredients. It is also hard to believe that Nintendo would be getting involved in a business that is not nationally legalized because it could face many costly suits. In our opinion, it does not seem like a logical business move for Nintendo. Additionally, Mario Carts has no legitimate website and they are mostly advertised on social media.
This trend, however, is nothing new, it resembles the same issues and patterns that we see with Exotic Carts. So be alert and try not to buy this brand, it’s not worth getting due to lack of testing and health issues that may arise from consuming this brand. If you haven’t heard about the Exotic Cart issues, then let me break down the resembling issues we have found with Mario Carts.

Built of the Cart

You will find these Mario cartridges in colorful packaging that often have Mario characters that relate to the flavor or name of each package. There is nothing extraordinary about the cart, the built is a typical one that has its flaws and benefits. It resembles the exotic cart in design, it has a metal mouthpiece, a glass tube and has a bright gold/yellow touch on it that makes it a stylish and eye-catching cart. It is durable, and you can get some good hits. However, you shouldn’t expect to use the entire oil in the cart because the thick build of it at the bottom of the piece makes it difficult to smoke when the oil is low. Once the oil is low you can also expect the hits to get harsher. Since it is built with the 510 threads it will generally fit most batteries, but you should regulate the temperature if you can, so you can optimize the flavor or minimize the harshness.


Mario Carts Cartridge Price

The affordability of these Mario Carts THC oil depends on the states that you live in and location, they have ranged from being sold for about $15 in Los Angeles and from $45-80 in illegal states. For the most part they are not popular because of its quality, they are mostly popular because relative to the advertised THC levels on the package they are affordable. Not to mention the high that people have reported, and we have felt has been potent, we just do not know if the that high is purely from the THC.

Signs of Illegitimate Brand

Since there is no website, no legit verification of its contents, and people are able to purchase over 100 empty Mario Carts Cartridge packages for around $1.10 or 500 for less than a $1.00, we believe the carts are made by various individuals across the country. The tops of the carts are easily removable as well so they may be re-filled by individuals. To try to distinguish good and bad carts you should check the color of the Mario Carts THC oil, if the color is dark it could be a sign of lower quality THC. Overall, the company seems non-existent with illegitimate carts and upon our research, we have yet to find lab tests that verify what the packaging advertises.

Mario Carts Flavors

They have a wide range of flavors that will seem to satisfy anyone’s preference if they like anything that ranges from sweet to sour to mild. Unfortunately, only a few people have reported most of them to be tasty, and in general, we found them to be disappointing and not worth our money. To give you some specifics on the outcomes of certain flavors we found the following: Strawberry Pie was sweet and flavorful and it would satisfy anyone’s craving for a sweet flavor but it definitely caused some additional coughs due to its harshness; OG Fire was also a decent flavor, not the OG strain flavor you would expect but similar, that gave a relaxing strong high but just like Strawberry pie, a lot of coughs follow after a hit.

While you may think that the good tastes may be worth your money, we would recommend that you chose a different brand to satisfy your craving, there are plenty of other legitimate brands that have good flavors that do not negatively affect your throat and cause you to excessively cough. With that being said, below we have listed some of the flavors that have been circulating across the country:

  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Apple Fritter
  • Strawberry Pie
  • Wedding Cake
  • Ghost OG
  • Cookies
  • Peaches
  • Dream
  • Nerd
  • Sherblato

Mario Cartridges

Mario Cartridges Lab Test Results

While the packaging claims that the Mario Cartridges are around 83-87% there is no certified label on its THC level and a range of THC rather than a definite number often indicates that it is a knockoff. Usually, when a cart is legit it will contain the exact THC level. It has been discovered that these Mario carts vape cartridges have been unregulated and there have been lab tests conducted that reveal all the dangerous pesticides it contains. It has even been reported that some people have resulted in the hospital for health issues such as cyanide poisoning. Additionally, the real THC level, according to lab test results, range from around 70%. So, the high you will be expecting to get from these Mario cartridges will not happen solely based on its THC level and it does not last as long as expected. Lastly, you are also not provided the strain information on most packages, so you won’t know what strain you are smoking unless its implied in the name of the cart.

A popular post on reddit also shared another lab results of Mario Carts testing at 67% THC validating the other independent lab test results from @datdude41510. We also wrote an Exotic Carts cartridge review which was very similar to Mario Cartridges.


These Mario cartridges are being sold for cheap because they have pesticides and low THC content inside of them. I can't recommend buying Mario carts.

Mario Carts Cartridge Review Reveals Inaccurate THC and Pesticides

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Lab Test Results

Low quality THC cartridge not worth buying.

These Mario cartridges are being sold for cheap because they have pesticides and low THC content inside of them. I can't recommend buying Mario carts.

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