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Monopoly Carts Is A Fake THC Oil Cartridge Brand

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Monopoly Carts is one of the latest fake cannabis oil cartridge brands to hit the streets in the USA. We also found an official Instagram for Monopoly Carts, however, there wasn’t a lot of info about them. The money starts with the people selling the empty packaging for these Monopoly carts online. There is a huge illegal cannabis market to supply with these attractive vape cartridge packaging. People are getting tricked by these Monopoly carts thinking they are getting a good deal. In actuality, these are just another way for the black market to make money off people with false claims of high THC content.

monopoly carts review

The legal cannabis markets innovated the hash oil cartridge. Experts forecast that the annual sales of concentrates will almost triple the current value within the next three coming years. Now there is an exponential increase in street brand cartridges entering the illegal cannabis markets. There is no official weedmaps page for Monopoly carts because they would instantly be removed due to copyright infringement. The situation described above owes to the fact that a lot of cannabis users are swiftly gravitating to vaping; mostly because of its efficiency, ease of use, portability, privacy, and general appeal.

monopoly carts

This ever-increasing demand for prefilled THC oil cartridges has given rise to the infiltration of the legal cannabis concentrate markets by counterfeit vape cartridges marketed and sold as the real product. These fakes can be easily gotten through unlicensed cannabis dealers, but cannot be found in the licensed dispensaries – This should serve as a gigantic red flag. The chance of ending up with a fake cart is high if you are not buying from a licensed shop, mainly if you reside in a place where cannabis is illegal.

Monopoly Carts Is A Street Cartridge Brand

Monopoly carts, which infringes on the Monopoly character copyright on its packaging is another fake pre-filled cartridge brand. It is yet another THC oil cartridge "brand" that is without a proper license to either manufacture or distributes cannabis products.

fake monopoly carts

There is no evidence online about their product content and its authenticity through lab tests. Their distillate could be any other substance but THC oil. The only "official" footprint they have online is an Instagram handle with posts of pictures of their vape cartridges, just as is obtainable in the Instagram pages of the other fake brands that are massively selling on the black market. Their Instagram page also shows their location to be in Los Angeles, which seemingly is the hub for most of the known black-market cartridges.

Another red flag about Monopoly carts is that their packaging is available online for in bulk purchases on Chinese market places and other market platforms. Thus, anyone who offers money can buy these branded packages and fill them with any substance and sell to consumers, endangering their lives.

monopoly carts fake

Monopoly Carts Review

monopoly cartridge review

Since it is impossible to identify a company or an individual behind Monopoly carts and their THC oil, it is safe to assume that there is nothing authentic about these products. There is no lab test results available anywhere to prove the authenticity of their THC oil. Hence, there is no way of telling for sure what is in those cartridges and if they are safe for consumption. These carts might even contain any other substance than THC oil. Without questions, the monopoly brand of cartridges is one you should keep a safe distance from, seeing that there is no information about the company, their THC oil, and its lab test results.

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