Moon Rocks Weed Is Potent But Short Lived In Popularity

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Moon rocks had a short-lived rise in popularity amongst the weed community. The idea of a fully coated cannabis bud with multiple layers of hash does sound like a phenomenal idea right? However, the Moon Rocks weed proved to be too expensive and didn't provide enough value for the price. The cost for a gram of moon rocks ranges from about $40-$50 depending on the brand. The Kurupt Moon Rocks weed was the first brand to introduce this creation. They marketed huge nugs being coated in multiple layers of cannabis concentrate. However, upon buying Kurupt Moon Rocks, the cannabis nugs were nowhere near the size of the pictures, it never is right?

What Are Moon Rocks Weed?

They are simply cannabis buds covered in wax and then covered with kief. For anyone who doesn’t know what wax is, it’s a concentrate of marijuana. Kief refers to the resin glands that end up on the bottom of a grinder and it packs the biggest punch. So in summary, moon rocks are a potent product made out of marijuana. Not all Moon Rocks are made the same and can differ depending on the brand. Anyone with hash oil, kief, and some cannabis nugs can make their own Moon Rocks weed.

It may be better to make your own after learning from a reddit user who used to work at a recreational retailer that some Moon Rocks may not use premium flower or concentrate. Instead, some farms are using Moon Rocks as a method to get rid of small nugs from trimming and other lower-quality hash oil.

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How Much Are Moon Rocks and How Can I Make them?

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While that may seem expensive to some people, the effects and experience are well worth it. If you don’t want to pay $40-50 a gram on moon rocks however there is a way to circumvent the cost. Luckily for those who want to save a few extra dollars, you can easily make moon rocks in bulk by yourself! To make Moon Rocks, what you need is the following products:

  • A dense cannabis nug;

  • Your favorite hash oil;

  • A good amount of kief;

  • Gloves or tongs

How To Make Moon Rocks Weed Instructions

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  • Step 1: Use a dense Nug or break off a small piece of your favorite bud.

  • Step 2: Grab your favorite concentrate. If you’re using hash oil then cover the piece of bud or sumerge it entirely if you have enough cannabis oil to spare. This will save time from having to cover the whole bud lightly with the hash oil. It's also possible to use wax too by rolling your bud in it.

  • Step 3: Grab your tongs to grab the cannabis nug and roll it in kief until the entire nug is covered.

  • Step 4: Finally let your now formed moon rock dry and take shape. After it’s done enjoy your moon rock in a bong or break it into pieces for a nice moon rock joint.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks Bud?

Moon rocks can be smoked through vapes and used in joints or blunts but the airflow isn’t ideal for either. Another problem with smoking moon rocks in a joint or blunt is that you can’t really grind moon rocks because the wax will gunk up your grinder. However, if you prefer to smoke moon rocks in a joint or blunt then you may attempt to use the following trick to solve the issue laterally stated. One method to improve airflow in a joint is to mix it in with an unaltered tree so the air has space to go through.

If you do not have a preference in how you smoke moon rocks then we recommend you smoke moon rocks with a bong. This is the best way to smoke moon rocks. We want to encourage the use of a hemp wick and bong for the best experience. When utilizing a bong to smoke moon rocks you will be able to burn the top of the bud, causing the wax and kief to melt. Furthermore, the best part about smoking moon rocks is that it will stay lit or cherried for a while so there’s no need to continuously use a lighter.

Moon rocks burn much slower in comparison to regular weed so you’ll have a good amount of smoke with just a single gram. Moon rocks also offer a higher potency than weed, which means you don’t have to take too many hits to get high.

Where To Buy Moon Rocks?

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We notice in the Bay Area a huge decline in dispensaries and delivery services around. We searched for an hour and only found one in available in the bay area.

The first brand to introduce the creation of Moon Rocks weed is Kurupt. They sell both moon rock buds, pre-rolls, and 510 thread prefilled THC oil carts. Unfortunately, we had a bad experience with their THC oil cartridge coming back for pesticides in a lab test we had done from a state-accredited lab in Hayward California. We recommend reading our Moon Rocks Clear lab test article for more insight into the pesticides found. The Kurupt brand advertises a potency of 52% THC and it cost $35 per gram before tax.

Moon rocks cannabis come in stronger THC content so you must be careful about the amount you consume. There have been many marijuana brands that have created their own version of Moon Rocks available where cannabis is legalized.

If you smoke too much moon rocks you will become extremely tired and hungry, and if you gradually take a small number of moon rocks you can expect a long-lasting uplifting buzz. We have gone beyond pictures and gathered the best videos of Moon Rocks being split in half and put them together below for an even further look at this weed covered in multiple types of cannabis concentrates.


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