Moon Rocks Clear Cart From Verified Weedmaps Seller Fails Lab Test For 3 Pesticides

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We recently purchased the Silverback Clear cartridge from Moon Rocks Clear carts. It was bought from a weed delivery service that didn't have the blue verified badge which means they were not a verified seller on weedmaps.com. Since we had a horrible experience buying the SIlver Back Cart from a nonverfied Seller on Weedmaps, we decided to buy it again this time from a verified Moon Rocks Clear Carts seller on weedmaps with the little blue badge. Update October.21.2019 After we reported the lab test results below, the delivery serivce on weedmaps shortly lost their blue badge that verifies them as an athorized seller. We are assuming Moon Rocks Clear cartridge dropped them so that they could protect themselves, damage control.

moon rock clear cartridge receipt

We decided to reach out to Harren's Labs, a state-accredited lab in the Bay Area that does cannabis lab testing for THC potency and pesticides.

silver back cart lab test

Silver Back Clear Cart Lab Test Results

The results are officially now in from a state-accredited lab located in Hayward, California. The Moon Rocks Clear Cart we tested labeled as SilverBack Clear and purchased from a verified seller on weedmaps failed for 3 pesticides. It gets really bad, the pesticide myclobutanil was found with over 236 times the legal limit. The health side effects from inhaling myclobutanil are dangerous and can lead to liver damage according to a study by the World Health Organization.

moon rocks clear cart lab test results

The Pesticide Tebuconazole was also found three times over the legal limit. This pesticide is considered slightly hazardous from the World Health Organization. The last pesticide found 31.8 times over the legal limit was Clofentezine. This pesticide is also is no good for the liver and can enlarge it. In a study done, Clofentezine caused tumors in rats. Please help spread the news about these pesticide cartridges that can lead to serious health problems. This is why they never provided us with lab test results upon our request for them, and we got blocked by Dr.Zodiak on Instagram. We do not recommend the Moon Rocks Clear brand or any other brands without proof they are clean from a reputable lab.

Silver Back Clear Carts Lab Test

Do not trust any cannabis oil cartridge brand that does not have proof that shows their product is clean. We made a list of the most reputable THC oil cartridge brands that provide lab test results proving they are clean of pesticides and other impurities. We recommend taking a look at our top 10 best dab carts 2019 list.

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