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Moxie Dart Pods Review: Lime Cuties Was Bitter Like Lime Peels

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July 27, 2019
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We tried out their Lemon cuties option for this Moxie Dart pod review. We had to put the new Moxie Dart pod to the test since it was the winner of the most recent SoCal Cannabis Cup this year. Their live resin Dart pod took home first place for the best vape cartridges, the winner was their pina colada flavor.

Moxie Dart Pods Review

Moxie Dart pod review

The new Dart pod is from the CCELL brand which is well known for its vape hits being really good. Similar to the Stiiizy pen, but hits much harder as demonstrated in the video located in our CCELL Dart review. Keep reading to find out if the Moxie Dart pod lived up to our expectations.

Moxie Dart pod

Liquid Moxie Review

Moxie Dart pod review

I've had 5 people hit this Lime Cuties flavor Dart Pod from Moxie. We all agree the strength is high, but we don’t all agree on the taste. I personally didn’t like the lime cuties flavor, specifically, it was the heavy after taste of bitterness leftover. To describe my experience, it tasted like lime peels more than the actual flavor of limes. There is a difference in the flavor from small hits and with full hits, which means until the CCELL dart battery blinks.

Moxie dart pod box

Smaller hits were much more enjoyable and tasted more fruity to me but still had a lot of the lime peel bitter taste but just not as bad as full hits. Hitting the Lime Cuties Moxie Dart pod until the CCELL dart battery blinked made me not like it. This was because of the bitter after taste that coated my tongue and remained their for a few minutes.

The other 4 other daily cannabis smokers I had to try this Liquid Moxie Dart Pod all enjoyed the taste and said it was fruity. They all didn't take full hits until the CCELL dart battery blinked as I did for this Moxie dart review. I can also agree there are hints of fruitiness with only small puffs, it's not sweet or enjoyable for me to buy it again or recommend.

Moxie Dart Pod Price

Moxie CCELL dart pod review

The Moxie Dart pod cost us $37 for a half gram before any taxes and delivery charges. With tax, the total cost was about $40.00 which means an entire gram will cost $80.00. I know the CCELL dart pod this live resin THC oil inside is great, but it's not worth this premium cost in our humble opinion. I purchased the Lime Cuties Moxie Dart pod from 10 collective, a delivery service in the bay area. They are also listed as one of the best bay area weed delivery services for 2019 in a guide we recently wrote.

If you're looking for real premium live resin THC oil, we recommend checking out Raw Garden cartridges. Raw Garden offers a higher quality live resin distillate experience with cannabis terpenes.We will continue to update our Moxie Dart pods review as we try new flavors from them.

We are fans of the strength, but not fans of the taste or price. Not our number choice for live resin cartridges.

Moxie Dart Pod Review Summary

Taste - Imagine scraping your teeth into a lime peel with a 10 percent of that fruity.
Moxie Dart Pod Efficiency - Amazing fat clouds!
Moxie Dart Pod Price - Too High, Recommend at $30 for their half gram CCELL Dart pod.
High - Very Intense High With Big Puffs

Strong High But Bitter Taste With A Hint Of fruitiness

We are fans of the strength, but not fans of the taste or price. Not our number choice for live resin cartridges.

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