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National Media Coverage On Fake THC Cartridges Disrupt Black Market

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Search results are down for the most popular THC cartridge brands found for sale in the black market, this is because of previous national media coverage on them. We have been spreading awareness about the dangers of vaping unlicensed cannabis oil cartridge brands since last year. We helped spread awareness about the counterfeit TKO Extracts brand which resulted in their Instagram page being removed. As we previously reported this counterfeit brand of TKO extracts actually became more popular than the licensed brand. Now that the main media has finally caught up and reported about TKO extracts being counterfeited, the search results are down for it too by a lot.

tko carts search data

We are getting our data directly from Google using the Google trends tool, this measures the popularity of searches on their search engine in a timeline. Searches are scored from 1-100, each where at their peak at 100 and than all crashed after national media coverage. Using Google trends, anyone can quickly plug in a THC cartridge brand from the black market and see now that people are educated about these fakes, the search results have been dramatically reduced online about them. As mentioned above, we’ve been covering the rise of Black Market THC cartridge brands over a year now, and now we are writing about its fall. Below is a list of previously most searched for black market cannabis oil cartridge brands, and also screenshots showing how they are no longer a popular choice among people.


dabwoods carts search data

Cali Carts

cali carts cartridges search data

Cali Plug Carts

cali plug carts

Dank Vapes

Dank vapes cartridges were linked to the hospitalization of people. There was never a single source distributing these unlicensed cannabis oil cartridges. Instead, people were simply buying these empty Dank Vapes packaging and vape cartridges online and reselling it with their dirty oil.

dank vapes carts search data

Exotic Carts

exotic carts cartridges

Mario Carts

mario carts cartridges

Monopoly Carts

monopoly carts search data

Organic Smart Carts

organic carts

South Carts

south carts cartridges

TKO Carts (Rip off brand off TKO Extracts)

tko extracts search data

Looks like the national News about people going to the hospital because of vape cartridges purchased from unlicensed brands made an impact. No longer are people interested in these dangerous and cut THC oil cartridges. Search volumes are at all time lowes for the above Black Market 510 thread prefilled cartridge brands. If you wan to see a list of the best licensed dab carts, then check out our top 10 best thc oil cartridges in 2019.

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