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Organic Smart Cart Review Reveals They’re Not Full Grams

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August 22, 2019
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August 23, 2019

The Organic Smart Cart brand is a cannabis oil cartridge product with no actual company behind it. The reason why these 510 thread prefilled cartridges are considered smart is that they appear to look like a gram, but they really are much less. There has been multiple videos posted online, exposing Organic Smart carts for being another method for the illegal cannabis market sellers to make money off unaware consumers. Do not be fooled by these deceitful THC cartridges designed to trick the consumer into thinking they are buying a premium cart. It's quite obvious the person who created the packaging for these Organic Smart Carts studied the legal cannabis market and attempted to create the most appealing THC oil cartridge packaging.

Organic Smart Cart Fake Brand

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Though the product label claims that Organic Smart Cart cartridges contain highly pure distillate, this claim cannot be validated because there is no lab test results available from a licensed lab. Also, the brand's authenticity is questionable considering there isn’t any proof they are a real company online. We found many different Organic Smart Cart cartridges websites with the intent of trying to trick people into spending their money on this fake THC oil cartridge brand. One link took us to a Facebook page where a website address was provided, but upon clicking it we were redirected to a site that is yet to be set up with any information about the Organic Smart Carts or the company behind it. We could not find any official Instagram account or lab tests and results. This prefilled cartridge street brand is uncannily similar to other fake prefilled vape cartridge brands like South carts and Mario carts.

Organic Smart Cart Oil

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There is a high chance these Organic Smart Carts are not prefilled with clean cannabis oil or even accurate THC content. There has been plenty of street brand cartridges tested by labs which exposed them for inaccurate THC content claims and impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides. Like other well-known fake cannabis oil cartridge brands, Smart carts cartridges (both prefilled and empty) are selling massively. Cannabis product counterfeiters buy these cheap branded packages in large amounts online, fill them up with their own homemade cannabis oil and sell to unsuspecting buyers as the authentic brand products. The empty packaging of Organic Smart Cart cartridges are sold in large amounts from Chinese online market places. This only means that they are for buyers who are looking to move large amounts of products into the illegal cannabis market. There's also an incentive to buy more of these empty Organic Smart Carts packaging, there are discounts with different high quantities purchased.

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Not A Real Full Gram

Below is a video showing that Organic Smart Cart cartridges are not really full gram carts. Instead, they are made to appear to hold a gram of THC oil. Observe the Instagram video below demonstrating how a little bit of hash oil can look like a lot with an Organic Smart Cart cartridge.

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