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Outside Lands Grass lands Sells Over 7 Figures Of Cannabis Products

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August 9, 2019
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Thank you Outsidelands for allowing us to capture the Grass Lands section at your music festival in San Francisco Golden Gate Park. This year the acceptance of cannabis use and business continues to progress in California. The Music Festival was able to get a permit this year which was a historic moment for the progression of cannabis in California. We saw many popular cannabis brands open up shop available to the music festival-goers. Some of the brands out there that I’ve seen include the following:

  • Cookies
  • Moxie 710
  • Absolutextracts
  • Jetty Extracts
  • Sublime
  • Nug

The Cannabisthrives team and I had a blast checking out the different cannabis brands. We were able to grab some cool free stuff like a pair of Nug sun glasses too. Sublime was giving out THC infused popsicles and Absolutextracts had an augmentation experience. The Smoking area in Grass Lands was awesome! It was very spacious and there was a bunch of friendly cannabis smokers all around. We had a blast interacting with everyone and sharing either a hit from our vape pen or lit backwood.

GrassLands Sales 7 Figures Worth of Cannabis Products

It was reported that over 7 figures worth of cannabis was sold at Outside lands Grasslands.

grass lands

Walking into Grass Lands

grasslands smoking area

Grass Lands Smoking Area

grass lands 2019

Grass lands at outside lands

Cookies Brand At GrassLands

My favorite cannabis brand setup at Grass Lands was by far Cookes by Berner. Although we didn’t see Berner himself, we still had a great time talking with the representatives of Cookies. We purchased the Gelatti and Gary Payton strain from them and were blown away by the quality and cheap prices! We got a 3.5-gram nug from the Gary Payton selection dense like a rock and fully coated with trichomes. I was expecting to spend the average for premium cannabis in the bay area for an eighth which is typical $55.00. It was great to see the Cookies brand give back with lower prices. This definitely creates a great incentive to attend Outsidelands besides the great artist and amazing food.

cookies booth

Cookies at Outside Lands – Grass Lands

gelatti weed strain

Gelatti Cookies Weed strain purchased for $35.00 including tax for an eighth. Behind the Gelatti is a clear case with the cookies strain inside for potential customers to smell before buying .

grass lands

Smoking area in Outside Lands

jetty extracts at grass lands

Jetty Extracts Booth At Grass Lands

Legion of bloom at outside lands

Legion of bloom at Outside Lands

THC beer

Get your THC beer at grass lands from Absolutextracts


Moxie 710 station

Vape Cartridges At Outside Lands

The price for prefilled cartridges were the same as local dispensary and deliver services in the bay area. I purchased an Absolutextracts half gram prefilled cartridge for $40 with tax. This was a hash oil cartridge I wanted to buy for some time but could not find it. We loved the convenience of being able to shop around and be introduced to new cannabis brands. Vape cartridges are not allowed inside the event which we found strange since they are selling them there.

grass lands purchase

Absolutextracts Loud + Clear half gram cartridge purchase for half $40 with tax


Munchies At Outside Lands

outside lands food

Chicken wings at outside lands

Of course, we got the munchies at outside lands after sparking up a backwood of Gelatti cookies. We want to give a real special thanks to Chief Val Armstrong who treated us to some really tasty dishes we will never forget. Thank you Chief Val and Global Gourmet Catering.

outside lands beef pastami

More outside lands food

mac cheese outside lands


Three different berries dessert was amazing!

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