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Pink Cookies Strain Review Also Known As Wedding Cake

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If you're wondering about the type of weed that's for sale in California. Take a look at this these Pink Cookies strain that we picked up from a local cannabis grower in the Bay Area. The orange hairs on this weed are fierce and wild! The marijuana buds are chunky and coated with trichomes. This marijuana strain was made by crossing GSC and Cherry Pie. Another popular name for this sweet tasting weed is the Wedding cake strain.

pink cookies strain review pink cookies cannabis strain

Pink Cookies Weed Review

pink cookies weed strain review

The Pink Cookies Strain is an impressive cross that packs a potent punch. This weed strain is what we would consider top shelf in California. In the club, it would go for no less than $65.00. We are privileged to know someone who provides us with much lower prices, at $25 an eighth. We smoked these dense nugs in a bong and also backwood. It was nice grinding these nugs because of all the trichomes.

Wedding Cake Strain

Imagine two of some of the most famous bay area strains combined, well they did and created wedding cake. This is just another name for Pink Cookies weed. Both names represent these buds sweet-tasting smoke. If your lucky enough to smoke this cannabis I recommend doing so with a bong and ice or vape for the best-tasting experience.

wedding cake strain

Have you had the privilege of trying out the famous bay area cannabis strain Wedding Cake? If your smoking on it right now please share some pictures and your thoughts on it in the comments below! Also, let us know where you got it from, we are interested in seeing Pink Cookies strain from other growers.

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