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Plug And Play Vape Cartridge Review: New Master OG Pod

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July 19, 2019
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This Plug and Play review is on their latest pod release, the Masterpiece OG. We are huge fans of the Plug Play vape brand and their premium distillate pods. Among 10 other THC oil cartridges last year we ranked this brand the best. It's now another year and were having another tournament with a lot of new brands barely entering the cannabis market. Plug Play dropped their new release right in time for our THC oil cartridge tournament.

Plug And Play Wax Pen

The cannabis community refers to it as the Plug Play Wax Pen, its techiquelly a THC oil vape cartridge though. The Plug Play pen is a rebrand of the ALD Ikrusher Vfire, we wrote a more in depth review on it that we recommend checking out. It's one of the best vape pen and pod systems out for thick hash oil. Expect going days without needing to recharge this vape pen with a 500 mAh power capacity. The Plug and Play vape pen has an aluminum alloy case which can bend if dropped. This happened to me and I had trouble adding my Plug and Play pod into the vape pen.

Plug and Play Cartridge Masterpiece OG Review

plug and play cartridge review masterpiece og strain

The name Masterpiece OG adequately describes this new pod from Plug and Play. As somebody who has tried every single one of their pods, I can tell you this is my new favorite. I am somebody who prefers the taste of real cannabis as opposed to sweet artificial flavors. The taste from the Masterpiece OG flavor is like some really clean tasting weed. Although the hits are huge they remain smooth and potent.

THC Content 901.68mg And 7.77mg CBD

plug play masterpiece og cartridge

Exact measurements of THC and CBD are provided down to the milligram decimal. Plug and Play does not disappoint with their new prefilled cartridge having 901.68mg of THC and 7.77mg of CBD. That's something we don’t see very often, typically there is little to no CBD included from other brands selling distillate cartridges. This is where Plug and Play separates themselves from others and creates a premium prefilled cartridge product.

Plug and Play Cartridges

plug and play cartridge

I am a huge fan of most of the Plug and Play cartridges. This new Masterpiece OG pod has turned into a favorite now. My other favorites from Plug and Play is their Strawberry champagne, Pineapple Express, Apple Slushi (Taste like green Jolly rancher), and Jack Herer. I am not a fan of their pound cake flavor, the taste needs improvement.

Additional Plug and Play Pod flavors:
  • Pineapple Cooler
  • Tangie Cream
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Grape Ape
  • King Louie 13
  • Fire OG

The new Plug and Play flavor Masterpiece OG is a must-try for anyone after that instant intense high from only one hit. Stay tuned for our 2019 best THC oil cartridge list coming out next month! Find out if Plug and Play can remain champions with so many new THC oil cartridge brands out now.

New Plug and Play Cartridge Packaging

plug play vape review Plug and Play cartridge new packaging

There has been an update to the Plug and Play packaging. A seal prevents tampering with the pods at the top now. The sides have cut outs and instructions to push and hold to open. The bottom of the cartridge is pushed while holding the sides to open. Also included is a batch ID and pass for pesticides on the label.

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