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Best Portable Weed Vaporizers From Vaporizerchief.com

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The VaporizerChief.com is one of the biggest online retailers for dry herb vaporizers. We found weed pens from the Vaporizerchief that are well known for their quality performance, and others new to us. Browse through 5 pages of cannabis vaporizers and read through the reviews for additional valuable insight. We found that the reviews were honest and really helpful in learning more about the dry herb vaporizers for sale. This vaporizer online retailer is frequently giving their customers discounts, so we do recommend joining their mailing list!

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You can actually save on many brand new and popular weed vaporizers. Below we have a 15% off discount code that can be used on most dry herb vaporizers for sale on the Vaporizer Chief.

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Portable Weed Vaporizers For Sale

After browsing through every single portable cannabis vaporizer for sale on the Vaporizer Chief, I have seen many that I've tried and could recommend. Let's first start with the Pax Era 3, this portable weed vaporizer retails for $249.99. The Vaporizerchief.com has free shipping on orders over $50.00, and there are frequently coupons emailed throughout the year.

The Davinci IQ is well known as one of the best portable vaporizers for weed. This vaporizer has a similar size to the Pax Era 3, and it cost the same at $249. What separates the Davinci IQ to the Pax Era 3 is its Zirconia Pearl. There is also a flavor chamber which enhances the taste of the dry herb vaporizer. What makes the Dinvinci IQ a popular choice among people is its removable 18650 Battery. The majority of the reviews for the Davinci IQ are praising it for its vaping efficiency capability and flavor.

Mighty Vaporizer - $359

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer - $169

Boundless CFX Vaporizer - $167

Crafty Vaporizer - $279

Vapir Rise 2.0 - $229

Pax 2 - $149

Best Weed Pen In 2019?

There isn’t going to be a vape pen the size of a an actual pen that will perform as good as the above dry herb vaporizers. The best portable weed vaporizers are the side of a smartphone,and some even bigger than that. Let us know your experience with the Vaporizerchief.com in the comments below. The savings from buying a dry herb vaporizer from them can be substantial if the purchase is expensive, and there is a discount code available such as the one above. They an outstanding amount of positive reviews on trust-pilot which can give you confidence buying from them. What's your favorite dry herb vaporizer in 2019? Ours is the Davinci IQ and the Pax.

Vaporizer Parts

Perhaps you already have a portable vaporizer for weed, but you need a part for it. The Vaporizerchief.com has you covered with many different parts available for vaporizers. We found usb chargers with the screw for vape pens that need to be twisted to charged.

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