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We were lucky enough to visit the office of KGB reserve in Oakland, California. I was shown a huge bag of some super dank that looked like a scientist grew it out of a lab. We were told that it was this huge bag of cannabis that was going to be broken down and made into prerolls. I was given one huge nug to take home and smoke along with a couple of KGB Reserve prerolls which were coated with keif in a raw paper with filter.

best preroll 2019

After smoking this preroll, your going to question weather it was the best you ever had. This is the type of preroll you buy when you want to celebrate your best dudes birthday or maybe for your stoner girlfriend. Either way, whats inside is truly premium cannabis and we have the pictures of the bud to prove it!

KGB Torpedo Review: Whats inside?

inside KGB reserve preroll

There’s a whole lot of strength inside of this preroll by KGB Reserves. After reading the torpedo packaging, you will learn their is not only premium flower inside, but also sauce, distillate and kief on the outside. I really need to emphasize that the cannabis nug that I was given from KGB reserve was incredibly dense, and looked like cannabis grown at its absolute fullest potential. We decided to open up one of the prerolls we were given so that we can share with our visitors whats inside. We found extremely fine chopped up cannabis. Inside. Watch the video for yourself below.

Real Premium Flower Preroll

KGB reserve cannabis
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There is a lot of prerolls available for sale in California but not all of them are good. Ive tried many from the clubs that range from $1-$50 and let me tell you KGB reserve at $20 is a steal. We highly recommend the KGB Reserve Sauce Pens, these are full spectrum dab carts. We actually ranked their sauce pen the best in California among many others.

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