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Purple Punch Strain Review: Looks Like It Was Dip In Sugar

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The Purple Punch strain review was a very pleasant experience. This purple weed strain smells like sweet candies. This is one of the most popular purple weed strains available in California. It's truly an advantage living in the state that first legalized marijuana for medical use. The weed is plentiful here and very high quality. This cannabis strain comes from the crossing of Grand Daddy Purple and the Larry OG strain.

I grew up with the Grand Daddy Purple strain being the most popular in the bay area for a decade until Girl Scout Cookies came along. Also known as GDP, it has made its comeback with its new evolved form known as Purple Punch, this is an appropriate name for this purple weed strain because it's knocking out all of the current competition. This strain looks like it was dipped in sugar with the amount of trichomes coating it entirely. The taste and potency exceeded expectations with an intense high and sweet taste.

This purple weed strain has become so popular it can be found in many prefilled THC oil cartridges. The taste is closer to candy than any other cannabis strain I ever tried. The natural terpenes are out of this world and makes you appreciate the cannabis plant more. The aromas from the Purple Punch weed strain are sweet in the air.

Purple Punch Strain Yield

I grew the Purple Punch strain inside of my garage in a grow tent. One 5 gallon pot yield me 3 ounces of dense cannabis nugs. Each nug was fully coated in trichomes, the potency was top shelf. While growing the Purple Punch strain, I had other strains growing that didn’t yield as much. I highly recommend growing this cannabis strain for beginners or those who want the high THC content.

5 Gallon Pot Indoor Grow Tent = 3 Ounces

Purple Punch Strain Effects

This strain can be a couch lock if you smoke too much of it. Remember, this is an indica dominant strain that will relax any pains or aches. I found myself with a rush of euphoria and relaxation with this strain. Smoke too much of this purple cannabis and you will find yourself nodding off into a dream. Just the right amount of this Purple Punch weed strain will provide focus and euphoria. I highly recommend this weed strain for those who want to relieve pain and relax after some physical activity.


Purple Punch Weed Strain Review

purple punch strain

We really liked this strain because it was strong and tasted like candy. This Purple Punch strain review was our own grow in California. We purchased clones from HarborSide in Oakland California. These clones came from the breeders Dark Heart Nursery. As someone who grew up in the bay area smoking GDP often, I approve of Purple Punch and consider it a better version of the Grand Daddy Purple Strain.

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