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Rove Cartridge Review: Fake Cartridges Plague California And Other States

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July 28, 2019
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This Rove cartridge review is on their latest release. The Rove brand has some of the tastiest CO2 oil available prefilled in cartridges. Unfortunately, their previous vape cartridges couldn't handle their super thick cannabis oil. It would struggle to vape it and the cartridges would also experience leaking as reported by many people online. I've had their first very first generation Rove cartridge prior to this review. Fortunately, the new Rove vape cartridges have been improved with a new design that can adequately vape the THC oil prefilled inside of it. Below is a picture of authentic Rove cartridges.

rove cartridges

There has been a massive flood of fake Rove cartridges in legal cannabis markets like California. The Rove brand is not unique to this counterfeit issue, we recommend reading our in-depth guide on fake THC cartridges for additional insight of brands affected. A short summary, some cannabis farms simply don’t want to go the legal route. They will sell their product without any licenses or lab test to ensure their product is safe. Do not trust these cheaply made cartridges, recently there was a news report of a man going into a coma after vaping a Dank vapes cartridge.

rove cartridge packaging for sale

Fake Rove Brand Packaging

fake rove carts

Unfortunately, the true capitalist is in China, and they are making a killing by fueling the sale of fake cartridges in America. They are helping people in American fool other Americans and make a profit while doing so, and putting these people’s health at risk. I purchased these fake Rove cartridges, and they are almost indistinguishable from the real ones. Fortunately, the Rove brand has taken some moves to combat these fake cartridges.

There is a noticeable difference with the THC oil from the Fake Rove cartridges. The fake Rove cartridges I purchased both had super clear cannabis oil. They both were tasty but not very potent.

Fake Rove Cartridges Below

fake rove cartridges fake rove carts

Real Rove Cartridges Below

real rove cartridge rove cartridge

Real Rove Carts Have A QR Code Now

rove cartridge qr code

Authentic Rove cartridges will now have a QR code that can be scanned and verify its real. As of now, this is a brilliant strategy implemented to counter the fake Rove cartridges. The QR code can only be scanned and verified once, and will not work afterward. Scanning is encouraged with the opportunity to win prizes such as Rove merchandise. We’ve seen the vape cartridge brand Brass Knuckles hit by counterfeits and they tried to fight back with serial number stickers that was soon counterfeited too.

As of now there doesn’t seem to be any way the fakes can replicate the Rove Carts QR codes. Let's hope they don’t find out how to and disrupt the Rove cartridges brand again.

Best Battery For Rove Cartridges

rove cartridge review

Although there are official Rove battery options available, most 510 thread vape pens will do the trick with a Rove cartridge. However, we recommend a vape battery with control voltage. The fake Rove cartridges Don't hit as good as the real ones.

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  • HEADS UP: Rove products (manufactured after April, 2019) have a QR code now which u can scan using the Rove Rewards app (Android/iOS) -> it will tell u if it’s Genuine or not. Plus by scanning QR code you will earn Rove Points which can be exchanged for cool prizes in return.