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Runtz Weed Strain Brand Information And History

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One of the most popular and latest cannabis strains to come out of California is known as Runtz weed, however, the official Instagram is @Runntz . The Runtz strain quickly grew in popularity out of nowhere which can be seen with the free tool by Google trends. Observe how around December 2018 is the first time Runtz started making some noise on Google more so than it ever did before. It looks as though it was this momentum that was needed that sent Runtz into an all-time high search volume on Google in August.11.2019. The majority of the searches are coming from people who live in the East Coast.

runtz weed history

The Runtz team can be seen traveling where their brand is mostly sought out in the East Coast. So who created Runtz? The credit goes to @Yunglb_litt, known as Yung lb and can be found on recordings with Bay Area rapper Berner. There are additional Runtz strains such as White Runtz which credit can go towards Dolla$ Up Nero, another Bay Area rapper.

Below is a more recent video of both Berner and Yung LB at Rolling Loud in the Bay Area. Berner can be seen holding the latest Frosties strain from the Jokes up team. At the end of the video Berner was going to mention the gift given to him by Yung Lb. A Runtz Diamond Pendant made by Zena Jewellers.

Runtz Strain Info

runtz strain info

Runtz is a cross of the sweet strain Zkittles and another sweet bay area cannabis strain called Gelato. This bay area cannabis strain is dark purple and coated in trichomes. There are other variants of this strain that have been crossed with other strains that made some impressive cannabis strains. Currently, it looks like Pink Runtz is their most searched for on Google right now among all of their strains. White Runtz is searched for the most right after Pink Runtz. A complete list of their currently cannabis strains includes the following:

Runtz Rolling Tray

runtz rolling trays

The Runtz brand has expanded into many collobrations that incldue Glotray which created the Runtz tray. This rolling tray has LED lights and sells for over $100 USD.

Beware Fake Runtz Packaging

Beware of fake Jokes up packaging going around all over the USA. We wrote a much more indepth article about the counterfeit Runtz packaging. We have also covered the fake Runtz carts seen for sale in California and other states.

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