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Sativa Vs Indica Cannabis Effects Explained

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November 17, 2019
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Do you understand the different between Sativa Vs Indica weed and their effects? Don't worry because we will explain the different with Indica Vs Sativa cannabis strains. Although you may be new to smoking weed, this herb has been around for a long time. Cannabis can be dated back 6,000 years, and it is considered one of humanity’s oldest crops. We decided to dive deep into one of the most commonly asked questions among new weed smokers, what's the difference between Sativa vs indica?

Sadly, thanks to legal restrictions on cannabis, the evolution and domestication of Cannabis remains poorly understood. One way many people categorize marijuana is by categorizing cannabis into two groups, Sativa and Indica. While these two categorizations are simple, the simplicity of it is an issue because with new research coming out we now understand that marijuana can be more effectively categorized by terpenoids and how they work with cannabinoids. Below we have provided information on Sativa, Indica and terpenoids so you may make an informed decision when deciding what cannabis to purchase.

What is Sativa Cannabis?

what is sativa weed effects

Sativa comes from a tall thin cannabis plant that takes longer to flower vs Indica. Sativa is often used more during the day because it can make you hyper and it stimulates your mind, making you more active. Sativas are traditionally referred to as being “uppers” or “stimulates”, because it can have a tendency to make some users get anxious if they’re already hyperactive or if they are still fairly new to smoking cannabis. For those who aren’t as hyper or have smoked on occasion, a Sativa strain can be smoked for higher inspiration or mental creativity. Sativa is also commonly used in fields such as art, music, science, etc.

  • Helps Focus.
  • Give energy similar to Coffee.
  • Very Psychoactive so be prepared to think - Some people prefer to stay away from Sativa strains because of its strong psychoactive effects.
  • Encourages inspiration and motivation.

What is Indica Weed?

what is indica weed effects

Indica comes from a short plant and its leaves are much wider than those of a Sativa plant. The odor of an Indica plant is also stronger than that of a Sativa plant. Indica is commonly used during the evening and night time because it prominently affects the body’s sensations instead of the mind. Traditionally Indicas have been known as the "downers" or “depressant” of cannabis. This means that they are the types of drug that makes you sleepy, relaxed, and even helps reduce stress. To put it into perspective, a common product used as a downer is alcohol or morphine because of the relaxing effect it has on its users. Along with sleepiness, relaxation and destressant effects, Indica is also stimulates your appetite, and you will get hungry or as many say, “you will get the munchies.” So if you buy this cannabis, I recommend a nice spread of food or snacks before smoking.

  • Great for going to sleep.
  • Awesome for reducing pain.
  • More of a body high vs mind.
  • Flowers faster than growing Sativa.
  • Known for increasing appetite.

How should I choose?

Sativa’s are energizing so it’s most commonly used in the morning to afternoon and gives you more of a head high. If you have a naturally fast-beating heart or have bad anxiety attacks then Sativa strains aren’t for you. If you’re a common user then you can even use Sativa's to boost endurance, especially if you’re a swimmer or runner. It also boosts creativity, alertness, and creativity.

Indica gives you more of a body high and is more calming so many users like to smoke this at night so they can knock out. If you’re looking for a more relaxed feeling then Indica is the way to go. With this deep relaxation, many have used it as a sleeping aid and thanks to it’s relaxing effect it has been used as pain relief. If you want the same sleepy and relaxing effect without the high then you should look into CBD honey.

Ultimately it is about experimentation and personal tolerance, if your state allows licensed growers and you have access to those places, then you should go down to speak to them directly about their product. Growers or sellers will be able to explain how their different strains impact you and if it’s more Indica or Sativa heavy.

What is a Hybrid Strain?

Either a cannabis strain is Sativa or Indica dominated, but mostly are Hybrids. A Hybrid is a cannabis strain that has both Sativa and Indica properties. Its rare to find a pure Sativa or Indica cannabis strain, mostly there are different dominates with different ratios.

Indica Vs Sativa Marijuana Conclusion

Over time the difference between Sativa and indica has become blurred since independent growers have been manipulating the strains and breeding traits over thousands of plant generations to make new unique hybrids. Therefore, the experimentation by growers to remain competitive in the cannabis market has made it difficult to only base your purchase on information about Sativa or Indica.

What you also have to keep in mind is how you use the plant impacts the type and the strength of high you’ll receive. Smoking, vaping, edibles all impact the way the cannabis is processed, which in return alters how you will feel when high. Vaping will be less impact on your lungs but the amount of THC you will take in will be higher than if you smoke it as blunt or joint. The reason for the higher THC in cartridges is usually because the devices use THC oil or resin which is highly concentrated. The effect is also much quicker unlike edibles and joints. Edibles are the easiest way to take cannabis, it is very potent and takes 30 minutes to an hour to take effect.

Let us know in the comments below whats your favorite Sativa Vs Indica? If your wondering about mine, its Sativa! I got to always get stuff done so Im frequently vaping Sativa dab carts. Smoking tends to be a happy balance because of how you can more easily balance out how much you take in. Not to mention you see the exact amount you have smoked since it is not mixed with any other product.

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